High School.

Julie & Billy. The longest romance Seaview High has ever seen. Inseparable. Until October 31st 2010. The day the pumpkins came to life, the day the stars fell from the sky and all because of love. Love. The strongest power known to man.


October 31st. Halloween. A night for mischief, magic and horror. Julie Simmons was a regular 17 year old school girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and pale white skin. She made a decision on Halloween to go out to a party with her boyfriend Billy Sykes, the most gorgeous boy to ever walk this earth - at least to Julie. They had both donned a corpse bride and groom costume not realising at this moment how fitting these costumes would be later on. 

The party was going to be at their high school, Seaview High in Los Angeles, America. A few of the senior boys had stolen a key and broken in to set up halloween decorations for their illegitimate festivities. Pumpkins lined the gloomy stark white school corridors and banners littered with rubber spiders hung from every inch of the peeling ceiling. Someone had gotten hold of a UV light, giving the corridors an eerie purple glow, making everything hide in the dark gloom.  

Upon arrival Billy checked the perimeter while Julie watched on chuckling to herself that he looked like a secret agent making sure the area was safe for her. Whenever Julie looked at Billy she felt such an immense force of love shoot through her very core and she knew that this was forever. He was her Billy, with his ebony black hair that swished in the wind, his piercing green eyes and his slightly tanned skin. He was perfect from the tip of his head to the end of his toes. Billy soon returned to her, a gleaming smile on his pale lips as he held out his arm to escort his corpse bride inside. 

The End

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