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just a little thing

Before I start, there's something you should know about us.

We didn't care for the clichéd rules of high school, about who you hung around with or how popular you were. We were just ourselves, happy with the way we were. We were a small group of misfits, but we didn't care. We didn't feel the need to try and fit in, not with friends who understood us surrounding us anyway. We all shared this mutual understanding that we would never quite be popular or envied, but we simply couldn't care less.

First off, there was me, Kyla. I like to think I was the sort of leader of the group, bearing in mind I was the most confident amongst us all. Then there was my best friend, Laura. Laura was a lot like me in many ways, the only thing separating us was our appearance. Whereas Laura was fair skinned with bright green eyes, I was more olive toned with hazel coloured eyes. She wore her dyed black hair loose around her shoulders, poker straight and cutting across her forehead in a sharp fringe. I wore my brown hair tied back, my overgrown fringe tucked behind my ears to keep it out of the way of my eyes.

Then there was Maggie. Maggie had other friends, in different forms, but in this form, we were her only friends. She was unique, probably more unique than any of us. She had this air of indifference about her and could make you feel stupid with just a look from her blue eyes. She had thick dark blonde hair that she wore tied back and constantly told us she hated. 

Then there was Annabelle. Annabelle was the quietest amongst us all and was pretty in an extremely unconventional way. She had incredibly short hair, cut into a sort of pixie style hair cut. I could never figure out what colour her hair was, it looked a little silvery to me but she insisted it was blonde. She too was fair skinned, but she didn't have a blemish free complexion, like Laura. She never wore make up and I always noted her skin was kind of shiny. 

Last but not least, there was Claudia. Claudia came to us in year 9, meek and mild. We were all fascinated by the new addition, but we soon learned to avoid her. We all noticed how she never actually seemed to wash. Her jet black hair was greasy and messy and she absolutely stunk of B.O. Seriously. It would make you gag if you were anywhere near her. This meant Claudia latched onto our group as she identified us as the friendly group, the ones who wouldn't judge her and wouldn't voice our distaste. At first, we weren't happy about it, but none of us had the heart to tell her to piss off. Then one day, she came into school and her hair wasn't greasy, it was brushed and tied back and if you dared take a whiff of her you'd notice the B.O wasn't there anymore. It was a miracle!

And so we passed through high school, our little group of misfits quite content and happy amongst ourselves, until one day when one girl changed all of that.

Charlie, her name was, and boy did she stir things up. 

The End

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