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Jace crossed through the expansive gardens on his way back to the castle. Ashby was alive with Night Magick. The Night Magick was believed by the citizens of Thor to be stolen. In truth it was won over two decades ago when Jace's grandfather beat the king of Thor in a sparring Challenge. Ever since then the two Kingdoms have been feuding; Thor accusing Ashby of being thieves and Ashby accusing Thor of having poor sportsmen ship. Whatever the case had been, Ashby still clung to the Night Magick that they won in the form of Night seeds.

The seeds were planted throughout the kingdom, offering various blessings. Most of the seeds offered a luminous light and protection charms. The others , though more rare and kept within the palace walls, grew plants that when consumed could heal most deep and fatal wounds. These seeds were few and far between. It was all the magick that was left in the Nevialla Soon, that too would be gone.

Jace knew he needed to push aside his morals and defeat Thor's Princess for the protection of his own kind. He made his way to the Grand foyer, he was still covered in dirt and dried blood, as he had been sparring all day in the rink.

Jace was instantly greeted by his frantic mother, who threw her arms around him and began to cry soundly. He pressed a kiss to his mother's forehead. “What ails you?” He asked holding the petite women an arms length away to get a better view of her face. “It's...,” she said in between sobs. “They came to....your....f-father...this....afternoon,”

Jace let out a disgruntled, growl, fighting back his own tears. He wouldn't cry. Grown boys didn't cry, especially in the presence of women. Behind Jace's worrisome mother, stood his father. Jace looked to him for confirmation.

“After sunrise. It's time,” The King croaked in a drunken stupor. His eyes were bloodshot. The only member of the royal family who still held onto their composure was Jace's little sister, Sera. Who stood defiantly away from the nursemaid, chasing after her. Jace sighed taking in the sight of the six year old girl. Her face was chubby, and eyes wide and bright, reminding Jace of a Cherub.

Jace picked up the quiet girl. She wrapped her arms joyously around his neck. He kissed her cheek. “ Go young sister. Let the nursemaid tuck you in so you may return to your sweet dreams. We did not mean to wake you,” Jace set Sera back down on her feet. Upon Jace's order the nursemaid picked Sera and Jace bid her good night. As he watched his young and innocent sister being carried out of the room, his determination became set. He had no other choice but to kill Talas Blare, so he could insure the safety of his family and all of Ashby.

Jace waited until Sera was out of earshot to crumble into a nearby chair at the long dinning table that seated twenty. King Issac and Queen Helena took the seats next to him. They said nothing for a moment, but their silence was quickly shattered by King Issac pounding his fist on the table. “I did not raise my boy to kill women and now the fates burden us with this!”

Helena rubbed her son's back. “If only Thor's heir had been born male,” she produced a tiny plant from her satchel bag and set it dirt and all on the table. Jace cocked his head, “It's night magick. The battle is to be set under the sun, not the moon.”

Helena nodded. “Consume it now and it will stay in your system until the morrow. You shall be near invincible, but don't let the princess stab you in the heart. The heart is the weakest part of the body. I wouldn't put it past Talas Blare to go for your heart first."

The End

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