The NarlockMature

The Citizens of the Narlock carried on in despair. Their lives had dramatically changed over a small course of time. The word adjustment, did not seem to carry enough weight for this type of situation...

Only days after the death of King Kieregan the remaining loyalists found themselves, struggling to survive and fighting with one another. Their morals were quickly diminishing. These last few days were savage. There were no words from the Fae since they had been banned to the forest. The outlawed citizens began to think the Fae had betrayed them. It wasn't until the fourth day after the King's death that those speculations were put to rest with the Fae's arrival in the Forest.

The leader; Catacus a tall Fairy dressed in regal clothing landed on the moss covered floor of the forest. His army was well intact behind him. The Citizens went on guard, they were ready to fight the fae, should they have been here on behalf of Lord Dorrance.

Catacus read the concern on their faces. He wasted no time with his announcement. 

“There is a way to revive the King". His wide eyes were met with scrutiny from the others. The citizens began to talk over him in outrage and mockery.

“I swear to you,” Catacus's voice rose above the chatter. “Fae do not lie or jest.”

Catacus waited for their conversation to die down, his army of fae stood silently behind him. “The Fae have explored several options. Recently we have ventured into the Village of Ore,”

“That village is off limits to outsiders!” A Human man interrupted.

  • -"Yes mortal, that is true. However as Fae we are not bound by residency to any land. Therefore we are neither insiders nor outsiders. We only assist you in your grief and need for justice out of respect for the Late King. He was a good man and a dear friend to us Fae." Catacus spoke calmly. His eyes grew distant as he spoke of King Kieregan. He shook off the trance, appearing embarrassed for his display of emotion. "The Village Elders informed me of a rare revival spell that can only be used on royals with enough power to survive it. I believe Kieregan to be one of those powerful enough to come out of this."

The noise and unpleasant chatter started up again. “He has been dead for days. His soul resides in the land of the dead!” The human man pressed on.

Catacus nodded. “The land of dead is a place in which only those born of royal blood can enter. Which is why the revival spell will require two sacrifices..... born of royal blood,”

“And how are you going to convince the King's brother to enter the land of the dead, or do you plan on killing him to send him there?” An old, bitter warlock challenged.

Catacus's face remained impassive. “It is not likely that we will be able to kill Lord Dorrance without the assistance of our late King. As I said before we need two royals. Two souls for the price of one, is the high demand of the underworld. Therefore the royals will not be of this Kingdom, but of another land.”

Finally Catacus had captured everyone's attention.

“Are you suggesting we kill innocents?” A wary witch asked.

Catacus narrowed his eyes. “If the name of the game is Kill or be Killed, then yes that is exactly what I am suggesting.”

The End

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