Prologue........The Kingdom of ThorMature

Two warrior kingdoms are divided by hate and economics. A prophecy has foretold of one kingdom finally coming to rise over the others demise. More troubles arise when a Prince and princess, each of one of the two feuding Kingdoms are both kidnapped by stealthy fae who wish to use them as sacrifices in order to revive their late King. The two sworn enemies are conflicted between helping and killing each other in this strange land.


The Narlock was unusually quiet on this night as citizens were mourning the loss of their King, Kieragan Moss. His death was unexpected. He was believed to have been poisoned by his mistress, Aurelia. That was the story the Late King's brother Dorrance Moss, told to the people of The Narlock.

But the citizens; human, witches, warlocks and fae were alike in their assumption that Aurelia hadn't in fact killed the King. No. It was Dorrance, who was next in line the the throne. Consumed with greed and growing impatient of his brother's generosity with the peasants and ignorance to a brewing war, Dorrance poisoned his own brother.

Unbeknownst to the powerful Lord Dorrance the citizens had planned a gathering, in the forest. It was a plan to overthrow the lord before his coronation. The Moss's were a powerful breed, and it was rumored that Dorrance had dabbled in Shadow magick.

The fae who were indifferent to the happenings of the court in the past, had formed an alliance with the citizens of the Narlock. As stealthy as the fae were they had the ability to get into exclusive palace grounds unnoticed.

The late King's body was laid to rest in a glass coffin. It was kept in display in the grand foyer of the castle. It served as a warning for those who tried to overstep Lord Dorrance.

All had seemed hopeless. Without any other plan of actions to escape the harsh rule of Lord Dorrance, the citizens began to except the defeat. The Narlock became a very solemn place. Then there was the great division; a ceremony held shortly before Lord Dorrance's coronation. The Lord demanded the citizens pledge their loyalty to him. Out of fear over half of the citizens did. The other half were banned, sent to live in the forest of The Narlock; amongst the shadow creatures.

The banned citizens became hunted by the King's army. Many of the outcasts had died or fallen on their own swords in name of the late King. Few of Kieregan's loyalists remained; only a small group of fifty or so people. They became nomads hunters, and when the shadow creatures sought after them they became fighters and casualties.


"Die Prince of Thieves!"Talas Blare spat. In a quick motion she plunged her dagger into her target. She repeated this motion for awhile, crying out her rage with each strike.

As Talas straddled the over stuffed bag of flour nicknamed Jace O'Maley, she had trouble containing herself against the lifeless burlap sack. Her dress was covered in flour. The ferocious look she offered the baking ingredient would have been humorous had it not been so crazed and intentional. She only drew her attention away minutes later when the mats and floor of the practice area were covered in flour and the bag had been dilapidated.

“Ah, well done princess,” a crisp tone intervened with a mock clap. Talas glanced up at the towering figure who had entered the room. It was her cousin Cane. “You have managed to single-handedly defeat a sack of flour. I do say this is your best victory yet.”

Talas stood up and wiped the flour from her dress. She offered her lanky cousin a dark look. He was pale, with dark rings under his brown eyes, his hair was sticking up in either direction, and he had patches missing from where she suspected he pulled it out. He was socially inapt, that was no secret, but most of his hatred seemed to be directed her way. Talas could easily shrug it off. Usually it was empty threats and insults; nothing to be taken to seriously. He was simply jealous of her. Had it not been for her surprising birth after her mother was told by the prophets she wouldn't conceive, he would have been heir to the throne. As it was her birth changed the whole prophecy in Nevialla; a land divided by two rivaling kingdoms; Thor and Ashby.

Thor was a prosperous Kingdom; nicknamed the Kingdom of gold for it's wealth. With such assets on their land harsh rule was implemented. Talas's father knew how to feed his people and fuel his army. Sure, there had been protests and rebellions in the past, but the King of Thor had made a great show out of punishing those who started the uprisings. In her heart Talas knew her father was doing what was best for his Kingdom; the high taxes, the harsh laws, they all played into an economic system in which Thor thrived upon. King Lionel was a smart and logical man, who sometimes may have seemed unreasonable, but it was order not affection that he demanded in his kingdom.

As was growing to be routine Talas shook off Cane's insult and focused on the task she was born to fulfill. Like her father, the prophets had their unconventional but trusted ways. When she was born so was another prophecy. A prophecy that was reveled to her on the eve of her thirteenth birthday. She was to end the ongoing war between the kingdoms by attempting murder on the Prince of Ashby. As was excepted she bowed to the prophets and took their announcement with a grain of salt.

Three years later, and Talas still had yet to kill anyone, but she knew the time was drawing near. She trained more ferociously and frequently.  Many of her luxuries and other distractions were taken away from her. As a girl she would have to work harder to defeat her opponent. The prophecy didn't say she would be successful in her endeavor, it only concluded that where there is two kingdoms now, one will only stand to prevail.

Talas couldn't fail her father and her people. She had a backbone. Everyone knew she was bold and proving to be an exceptional swordsmen, but her doubts on whether she could take a human life were kept secret. Somehow she would have to work past it. Jace O'Maley Prince of Ashby, also knew of the Prophecy. Thor's spies had relayed information about his training progress. He was far more aggressive, he had actually killed before. Talas knew she had no other choice. The stage was set for a battle. Kill or be killed, there was no other way.

The End

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