The Second Camp

I glanced at them. I only saw one pitiful soldiers, but a soldier I could use a tool to get my mother back none the less. 

"You," I kicked out at him, "Where's your base?"

He just stammered at me so I lashed out again, "Your base? Where is it?"

"I don't know, I don't know!" He cried. I spat at him. Scum. 

"I take you, if you not kill me" A head shorter than even me, I admired him courage.

"Good, get on with it." I nudged him in front.

As the reality of loosing my mother sunk into me, I wished I could take my ponytail down and hide my shamed face from the world. Through the rest of the night, the short German led me around the shore. Occasionally we would stop and drink from containers he had brought with him. I drank my own, why should I trust them? 

Then we slipped down underneath the rocks. Wary, I prodded the German.

"Is right way, is right way." He assured. 

The small grubby tunnel opened up into a large cave full of campfire light and the smell of woodsmoke. 

I was surrounded by German's before I knew what was going on. Their swords were pointed at me, daggers drawn and teeth bared. 

"Mother." I whispered hopefully.

"Who are you, who take one of my men like you own him?" A fluent German stood before me, towering over my short stature. 

"I lost my mother." I could think of nothing else to say, I was so terrified.

"Put her with the others." I do not know why he said it in English, maybe to terrify me even more.

It worked. But they had neglected to disarm me. Smoothly, my sword swung out of its sheath as I grasped the handle and swung it around. My own blade was met by others. From all the training mother had given me, I was much more skilled than them and their textbook moves. Mother and I invented our own and I learnt how to be creative under pressure. Strange, it was almost as if Mother had been training me for this moment.

I killed one, my blade slipping comfortably through his ribs. Another one fell by my feet. Then another. The soldiers surged forward, more coming at me than I could handle. Someone tore my sword from my hand and two others slammed my body to the floor.

I writhed and struggled against them, but they were too heavy.

The End

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