Nothing happened. The german looked at his pistol questioning and expectantly. He raised it and fired again. Nothing. I smiled and walked slowly forward holding the sword with both hands diagonally across my body as the bag behind me consumed objects into its flames as the intensity grew.

Hurriedly, he dropped the gun and reached for a long metal pole and swung it at me. I batted it aside again and again as he walked backwards with me slowly advancing. His back reached the wall and he threw his weapon at me. It collided onto my sholder and hit the floor. I raised my sword and held it to his neck.

"Surrender. I do. Me help. No kill. Please?"

 He wimpered at me. My smile grew wider,

"You help. Me no kill....yet"

Then I sheathed the sword and slung it over my back before punching him in the face and knocking him out stone cold. Then I slung him over my shoulder and  carried him, none too gently, down the stairs and out into the wood.

I glanced behind me as the flames consumed the entire building and set off in the direction of the second camp.

If these worms had dared harm one hair on Mother's head, they would pay.

The End

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