Finding Mother

Where should i try first? Maybe the rocks, she liked it there. Perhaps the little river a few miles off. Or even the tiny lighthouse that swept its glaring beam across the village when night fell. 

I would try there first. 

It was still windy and rain occasionally spattered against my black hood. Going down the path concealed by the side of Midway Cottage, I got the strange and unshakable feeling that I was being watched. With my heart stuttering, I wheeled around, ready to duck or confront. No one was there. For a while I just stood staring into the darkness, but still nothing moved. Pulling my jacket tighter across my body, I carried on with a brisker pace. 

The trees were taunting me. I scorned them. Whistling that it was hopeless and that I was wasting my time. They couldn't understand, she was my Mother, mine. Thorn bushes tore at me and my arms, which were clutching my pack defensively. 

I broke into a run.

Eventually the path opened up to the sea front. I was glad to be able to walk; I was tired of running, I had been doing it for too long. 

"Mother?" I called out, seeing the lighthouse sweep around, casting shapeless shadows across my face. 

The only reply I got was the rhythmic pulsating of the salt waves. 

It was a short walk to the red and white striped light house which nestled on top of a great black rock. I stared up at it and wondered who lived in there last. Maybe we could use it as our escaping place. 

I called out again. 

The End

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