Dreams only lead to disappointment.

Christmas day. There are presents under the tree and the smell of turkey is filling the house. Rose is running down the stairs with the biggest grin on her face and I return it automatically.

“Merry Christmas sis”

“You too Rose”, she runs into the kitchen and I can see her kiss Mum on the cheek. Her blonde hair is bouncing on her shoulders as she laughs at something Mum says. Her face is flushed from all the excitement. She’s always been a sucker for Christmas. She pulls Mum out of the kitchen to where I’m standing and wraps us in a hug. I can’t help but feel warm, this was a perfect moment. Just us three, nothing could come between us. Ever.

Rose pulls away and runs to the tree,

“So who’s first?”, she grins and pulls out a present --


--We’re walking home from school in the rain. I’ve taken cover under my umbrella but Rose is running ahead. She loves the rain, un-like me. I laugh as she starts singing “Singing in the rain”, but stop when she pulls my umbrella out of my hand to dance with.

“Rose! Give it back”, I put my hands over my head trying my best to stay dry.

“Come on sis, you need to lighten up a little. What’s a little be of rain going to do to you?”, she grins at me but I remain stubborn. Rain was not my thing. She grabs my hand and tries to get me to dance with her. I protest at first but once Rose gets going there’s no stopping her and I soon find my self singing at the top of my voice. We do this for the rest of the walk home --


--I’m sitting on my bed in tears. I felt like my heart had just been pulled out of my chest and stomped on. I vow I’ll never fall in love again when Rose walks through my door. Without saying a word she sits next to me and wraps me in her arms. I feel safe here. She kisses me on my forehead and I know I’ll never need another boy when I have her.

“He didn’t deserve you anyway”, she pulls my face up to look at her and smiles, “You’re way too pretty for him.” I smile back at her and give her a hug.

“Thank you Rose”

“Anytime sis, I’m always here”--


--My eyes opened to a harsh bright light. It takes me a while to remember where I am. I sit up and stretch my muscles. Jacob walked in and gave me sorrowful smile which I returned a lot more cheerfully

“Seen Rose anywhere Jacob?”, I asked him and his face fell.

“Oh sweetie, don’t you remember?”, I sat there confused but then flashes of the previous night shot through my head. Rose lying motionless on the floor. Her head in my lap. Her empty face. Her screams…my screams. I stood up shaking.

“No…no…you got it wrong. I got it wrong. She’s not gone! She can’t be!”, I ran towards Jacob and began to shake him. Hoping with every inch of my being that this would get him to think again, to believe the words tumbling out of my mouth. But he just pushed me away slowly and looked at me with eyes full of sadness.

“We have to go back! WE CAN’T JUST LEAVE HER THERE! She’s not gone! WE HAVE TO GO BACK!”, I screamed at him. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t lose her. I just couldn’t. She can’t be gone.

“Honey, Pheebs. Try to calm down”, I could feel his arms wrap around me as I sunk to the floor, “I’m so, so sorry.”

“No. No. NO! She can’t be…”, I couldn't say the word, my brain refused to let me admit it, “…she can’t be…dead.”


The End

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