In my rush to escape my Gran I don’t see the door opening and crash into incoming customs.

“Sss…sorry,” I say getting to my feet with help from someone arm.

“Lucy how lovely to see you again,” Mr. Edwards stands by the door and I follow the hand that is holding me up. “This is my nephew Ash.”

“Hello again,” Ash smiles secretively and I try not to drop my mouth open.

I remember my manners, once Ash has let go of my arm, “Mr. Edwards good to see you. You didn’t mention that your nephew was coming.”

“No well was last minute. Anyway, is your Gran about?” Mr. Edwards asks looking around the busy café.

“My Gran is in the back, I’m just going out now though.”  

He nods and takes a seat by the window. Ash bends his head by my ear and whispers, “told you I will find you.”

I’m taken back, those deep blue eyes and all I could do was stare before Ash moved away to the table. “I’ll be going then, nice meeting you…again.” This time I check that no one is coming in and make my way outside.


It was a sunny afternoon, the town was busy with tourists, up and down the high street they walked in and out of shops. I wasn’t in any rush to get home, a family walked in front of me eating ice creams. The mum was pushing a baby stroller, talking to her older son, when the baby throws a soft toy out and laughed. I felt a little sorry for the soft toy, so I bent to pick it up and stopped. It was a badger.

“Oh Lily,” the mother sighed. I picked the badger up with shaking hands and handed it to her, “thank you honey.”

“It’s…ok.” I stutter, feeling sickness in my throat and wanting to get home more than ever now.

Eventually, I made it back to my Gran’s house and dash up to the bathroom. I wasn’t sick thankfully and I had a glass of water to calm me down.

“Meow.” I had left the door open and Fang had come wondering in. I was sat on the floor. He looked at me and jumped into my lap curling himself around me. I stroked his silky black fur and sighed feeling a bit better.

“What was that all about Fang? That badger and then the dream...” I shivered remembering. Usually, I forget my dreams after waking up, but this one kept going around and around.

Fang sits up, alert all of a sudden. “Fang? It was just a dream nothing here.” I pick him up into my arms trying to relax him.

Someone was knocking at the front door, I get up looking in the mirror and with Fang following me I go to answer the knocking door.

“Oh my god.” I say seeing an old face.

“Hey Lucy.”


The End

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