Things I do for youMature

 “I hate jet-lag.” I grumbled to myself rolling around in bed, taking a look at the time seeing that it’s only 3 in the morning and I was wide-a-wake. “Ugh.” I tried everything from counting sheep to listening to music and I still couldn’t bring myself to fall into a blissful sleep. Even the birds began singing to each other outside my window, which was giving me a headache and annoying me, soo much that I got up and tip-toeing I went downstairs.

“MEOW!” I jumped seeing a black cat land at my feet staring at me with grey eyes.

“Fang seriously don’t creep up on people.” I sighed and carried on through the house with Fang silently walking behind me. I went into the kitchen running a hand through my blonde tangled mess that most people call hair.

“Meow.” Fang was by his empty bowl complaining why there was no milk left.

“No can do Fang there’s no milk left.” I replied looking in the fridge and taking out a cartoon of orange juice. He jumped up on the side and sat glaring at me.

“Meow.”His grey eyes captured me making me freeze from taking a sip from the cartoon. He opened his mouth but closed it fast…like a human would if they didn’t want to speak.

“Fang?” I whispered leaning closer. Of course that’s when he decides to sneeze right in my face. “Bless you and thanks for that.” After wiping my face I rolled my eyes at him. “Honestly things I do for this cat.” Running quietly up the stairs I chucked on some a small vest top and shorts then back down stairs grabbing my blue converses. “Anything else while I’m out? Cat nip? Meaty chucks? Semi skimmed okay for you?” But he was busy licking his paws to bother this time, so I ran a brush through my hair and put it up heading out the back door.

I couldn’t believe I was going on an earner for my grans cat. I thought about taking the small car but dismissed the idea enjoying the night air as I walked down the garden path. Now which way do I go? Street or forest? In my head I knew that going down the streets would be safer and boring. It would be quicker through the forest but the memory of that day still hunted me. 

Something small rubbed there silky fur up against my leg. “Well where do I go from here?” I whispered in the end I took out a coin out from my pocket. “Heads I go through the streets and tails I go through the forest.” Fang stopped and sat watching me flip the coin and catching it. I grasped wondering if I should try again but as I went to flip it Fang hissed.

Instead of arguing like an insane person with Fang I rolled my eyes at he's black short fur body and let my feet carry me dreading each step…      



The End

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