The JourneyMature

It was worse than I imagined. People moved in and out of each other way, parents dragging their screaming toddlers, stormy expressions on customs faces as they argued with the airport staff and every sit in the waiting area full with tours trying to get home. Over all a general airport. I sighed turning my music up on my iPod, annoying the woman next to me trying to read some glossy magazine. Some families seemed happy and excited about going abroad. I watched them all, memories flicked back to when we used to go away on holidays and mentally kicked myself. My stomach started to make noises protesting why we hadn’t eaten yet. I couldn’t fight it anymore, so I got up seeing the woman smile now that she didn’t have my music blasting in her right ear anymore and walked off towards the eateries.

I grabbed the ham sandwich, a bottle of water and headed to the check-out girl who quickly scanned my things before returning to her nails. Clutching my things I headed back to the row of sits, only to see an old man take out his newspaper and settle himself down next to the woman. Huh like I didn’t see that one coming.

Rolling my eyes I put my things in my shoulder bag and walked off to find somewhere else to have my lunch. After about 15 minutes of walking around I found a table and chair by the windows where all the planes were lined up outside. I grabbed it fast seeing and man carrying a brief case walking near it. I was just about to put the bottle to my lips when something knocked my chair, luckily the water didn’t spill on me.

Turing my head I saw the guy standing by my chair. “I believe sorry the word you’re looking for.”

“What are you talking about?” He replied running a hand through his messy brown hair and frowning. “I didn’t touch you.”

“No but, you knocked my chair.”

“What you brought your own chair to the airport, don’t blame you.” He smiled walking away then turned back and I stood up hands on hips glaring at him. “Ok fine. I’m sorry jeez.” I watched him go, then when he was out of sight I sat down and started my lunch. However, while eating my lunch I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was been watched. But I told myself that I was being over dramatic and gather up my rubbish and went to my boarding gate.

No one was sat next me on the plane as we took off, so I didn’t except to wake up seeing a blonde haired boy sitting next to me.

“Sleeping beauty awakes, thank god I was about to turn my music up.” He gave me a cocky smile.

“What are you doing? You weren’t here before.” I said stretching my arms. “I wasn’t sleeping.”

“Well you could have opened your pretty golden brown eyes and said hello.”  

“Hello then.”


I smiled shaking my head and sighing. “So what’s your name stranger?”

“Ash and yours?” He asked holding out his hand to me.

“Lucy.” I took his hand and smiled. We talked for the rest of the flight about random things, such as making stories up about the different parsonages and before I knew it the fasten your seat beats sign came up.

“Want to hold my hand while we land?” Ash said seeing me grip the armrests.

“No I’ll survive. Done it before.” I replied. The plane started to change angle and my hands gripped the armrest at list that was what I thought. I opened my eyes once we landed and saw my sharp nails hand made small dents in Ash’s hand. “Oh god I’m soo sorry Ash, I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay, it didn’t hurt.” Ash flexed his hand away from me as I gathered my things in my shoulder bag.

We made it off the plane, found our luggage and walked to the exit. “I’ll guess this is goodbye.”

“Nah Lucy it’s I’ll see you soon.” Ash stopped me. “I’m sure I’ll find you.”

“How I mean I didn’t tell you what town it was.” I said puzzled by Ash.

“See you Lucy, I’ve gotta run.” Ash took my hand, brought it to his lips and kissed it. In the next moment he was gone.

“Lucy! Over here Luc!” I blinked once then saw my Gran waving by the waiting area. Ash was nowhere to be seen. My hand tingled where his lips had kissed my hand.  

The End

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