Sunset was my favourite part of the day, I watched as the golden beams of light crossed over the calm sea. The white lily that I picked felt like valet under my fingertips a stab of pain creased in my chest thinking of that day. Anger followed and I throw the lily as far as I could out to sea, like I have done many times before.

“I’m sorry.” I said to the golden sky closing my eyes and hugging my body. I jumped feeling my phone vibrate in my jean pocket, but ignored it wanting to be alone before I went home and crouched down on the rocky cliff.

“So what’s a pretty girl like you doing out here on her own on a Friday night?” The voice belonged to my neighbor and friend Cassie.

“Hey what you doing up here?” I asked as she sat down to join me.

“Looking for you, your parents are going ape and I knew you’re be up here.” She smiled.

“Hmm yeah it is kind of late, I didn’t notice the time.” I shrugged.

“The sun practically gone to sleep for the day and so should you. Haven’t you got to get up really early or something? Catch a plan back to your homeland?” Cassie laughed shaking her curly locks.

“Come on then, before mum kills me.” I stood up and offered my hand out to Cassie, which she took and together we walked back to her car. We spoke about our sophomore year and how we thought our junior year was going to go. It still felt strange to me living in America since I was 9 years old, most of my old friends finished school at 16 and some went to college. That should have been me.

“Hello, hello Luc you listening?” Cassie waved her hand in front of my face, bringing me back to the car.

“Sorry just thinking that’s all.” I looked taking in the neighbourhood all lit up, my parents car parked up on the drive and the other kids playing in the street. “Thanks for the ride.” I opened the car door and got out closing the door.

“Hey aren’t you going to say goodbye?” Cassie jumped from the car and came over to me with her arms open.

I smiled and went over to her hugging her. “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you, although dad managed to get me a job working in Ruby’s so I’ll be making some money this holiday.”

“The clothing store, wow that’s pretty cool and considering Gran will want me cleaning the café all summer that sounds better than washing dishes.” I pulled back smiling.

“Take care of yourself okay?"Cassie took my hand and I felt something cool against my skin. “You can give it me back after the hols, see you.” Cassie waved and walked to her house.

I opened my palm and saw the sapphire rose ring. “Thanks Cassie!” I waved and her door shut.

The End

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