Hiding in the ShadowsMature

Lucy Rose Clark
When she was 8 years old she lost the one person who she loved more then anyone. Now at 17 she finally getting over the grief and coping. Her mum sends her away for the summer to spend time with her grandma in her old country town.
However every town hold it's secret's and every full moon awakens a mystery.


When your little people don’t expect you to understand what’s really going on. But I did. I knew right from the start that he wasn’t going to get better and yet they said that I should still believe in hope that he will recover. Well the room wasn’t filled with hope today. My mum busy seeing to the food as she tries to hold back the tears that were threatening to escape any moment. Aunties and uncles who you never seen before fussing over you like a new puppy.

I had to get away. Escape their concerned looks, the false smiles and the sadness that was suffocating the room. I took my best shiny shoes off, my itchy black tights and carefully closing the door. The grass felt fresh under my curling toes as I tip-toed to the wooden gate that led to the woodlands that surrounded the town.

Wrapping his blue jumper  tighter around my small body, I wished that mum hadn’t put me in a dress. I wondered through the forest passing familiar trees, flowers and berry bushes, until I reached our favourite spot by a small pond and fallen tree. I sat leaning against the fallen tree, breathing in the spring air and wishing pain would go.

“That’s my jumper.”  I opened my small brown eyes and saw my brother looking down at me with his arms crossed over his white shirt, sleeves rolled up as usual.

“Does it have your name wrote on it?” I stood up hands on hips.

“I think you’ll find that it does.” Jamie copied my actions, also raising an eyebrow giving me the ‘daring glare’.

“No it doesn’t.” I replied looking into his lighter blue eyes that were almost silver nowadays.

“Ok but you're regret it.” He winked then lunged at me.

We tackled to the ground, laughing like we used to. Jamie had the upper hand and knew my weak spot and started to tickle my bare feet.

“Sssstoopp…pllleasse…”I said between giggling.

“Who’s jumper is it then?”

“It’s yours.” I muttered then started to giggle again. “It’s Jamie’s jumper!”

“Took you long enough.” Jamie smiled lying down next to me on the grass.

A gentle breeze went through the forest, but that didn’t matter I had Jamie, who cuddled me against him and tucked his jumper around my body more. The sun peeked through the braches lightening mine and Jamie pale gold hair. Jamie untied the blue ribbon of my left plait, running his long fingers through my hair. I yawned breathing his familiar scent, woodbine, rain and spice.  

“Go to sleep Rosy Luc.” Jamie whispered.

“I’m not tired though.”

“You never are.” I yawned again trying to stay awake.

“I want you to stay with me tonight.”

“I’m your big brother so one of my duties is to look after my little sister.” He snuggled me closer to him, taking my hand and I felt him kiss it.

“Tell me our story please.” I whispered feeling my eyes get tired.

“But you always fall asleep half way through.” Jamie laughed lightly.  “Promise your keep you'll eyes open”

“I promise.” I smiled up at him, thinking how beautiful my brother looks.

Jamie smiled in return and began telling me the story, until I realised that he had forgotten the other main character. “Wait stop. Where’s her brother Jamie? It can’t be real unless he’s there, helping her and watching over her.”

“He is there and always will be there. Anyway this is a new story about her and her new adventures.” Jamie explained, he looked deeply into my eyes as if he was trying to tell me something important.

“Ok well can you start again?”

He sighed then smiled starting the story. “Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess called Lucy and one day her mu…”


Everything was burling together, like the colours in a painting running down the wall, the warmth of his skin disappearing like an open door and his voice slipping away like the gentle breeze through the forest. All that was left was the little girl with one blue ribbon in her hair, holding her brothers jumper and left alone in the darkness waiting for that day when someone might alight her soul again.




The End

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