Hiding in the attic

        I need to start this story with a little context. I live in a relatively large house far away from other people. My bedroom was in the attic, but it isn't a cobweb filled, bug infested attic. It's actually really nice. A T.V., big comfy bed, and a wide space. There's also two side doors that lead to the storage area of the attic. That's the cobweb filled, bug infested attic part. I spend most of my time in this room watching movies during the summer due to my annoying allergies.

          This particular night, I was up until about 3:00 a.m. watching movies. I had just finished watching dumb and dumber for about the 50th time when I decided it would be a good time to get some rest. I changed the channel to something random to listen to as I fell asleep.

          Some time later I woke up in the pitch black. I figured that one of my parents had woken up and came upstairs to turn the T.V. off. I turned it back on and in the split second the screen brightened, there was a shuffling in the back of my room followed by a creaking noise. I easily frighten when hearing sounds late at night, so I turned back with my heart thumping against my chest. Seeing nothing I lied back down with my eyes locked on the back of my room.

          I eventually passed out but was awoken once again by that terrifying creaking. My eyes snapped open, adrenaline already rushing through my body. My ears picked up every small sound. There were quiet, but clear footsteps getting closer and closer to my bed. Soon there was a man standing right in front of me. He reached over me and took the remote, I didn't dare move. *click* The T.V. switched off and the man vanished. Footsteps moved away from my bedside, I followed the direction of the sound with my eyes. I determined he was hiding out in the left side door. I then made a quick decision to get out of that attic, I grabbed my phone and tried to move as silently as possible. I slid off my bed which made a small snap that sounded like a gunshot to me. I winced but continued tip toeing across the room. My head was locked to the left side of the room, the closer I got to that side door the faster and harder my heart thumped. Once I was lined up with the side door I looked at it to see a single eye, locked onto my face, I booked it downstairs screaming for my parents. The side door slammed open followed by fast, heavy footsteps right on my tail.

          I sprinted outside and by then there was some space between me and the man. So I made it to my mother's flower garden and lied down in that. The man came outside whipping his head around in search for me. I silence my phone and use the emergency call to dial 911. As the phone rings my nose twitches and I already know what's going to happen. My blood ran cold as I sneezed. The man then quickly made his way to my hiding spot. I dropped my phone and ran away, he caught up to me almost instantly. He kicked me down onto the driveway, smacking my nose. I flipped over on my back and crawled away from the man now towering over me. I saw my dad frantically looking through my room with a baseball bat in his hand. "DAAAD!" I screamed. he looked out the window, and sprinted outside. I looked back at the man who was trying to get something out of his pocket until my dad came behind him, smacking the back of his head with the bat. He fell over and didn't get back up.

           My dad talked to the 911 operator and told me that the cops were on the way. Once they arrived I told them that he had been hiding in the attic. When they checked I overheard them talking to my parents saying there was a blanket, some of our clothes, and three of our kitchen knives. And the thing in the man's pocket, I saw was a scalpel.

The End

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