Melantha had returned the Thurman's cell and dragged him out of it herself. Now they were where they started: Melantha sat behind her desk and Thurman on the floor in front of her, his blood dripping to the floor again.

"Anna's coming for you," he whispered.

"What?" asked Melantha.

"Anna's known about you for months. She's been waiting, waiting for you to make a move. She wanted to know if you'd care."

"How old is she?"

"Five. How old are you?" he asked tauntingly, he knew he had the upper hand now. She wouldn't kill him.

"I don't think that's your place to ask."

"Of course not."

"Where's Anna?" Melantha asked.

"She's coming," he muttered.

"Where is she?"

Thurman looked up at her. "Here."

His eyes widened suddenly and his mouth opened slightly, an unsaid plea for help. He started clawing at his chest, from which jutted an arrowhead. A croak escaped from his throat and he fell to the floor, dead at last.

Melantha looked up. Opposite her on the other side of the room, stood a little girl of 5 years. A smirk was on her lips and her eyes glittered.

"You weren't going to kill him so I took matters into my own hands. And now for you," said the girl - Anna.

She slid an arrow into place and raised the bow, aiming right at Melantha's chest. Anna expected her to scream and try to escape; instead she remained where she was with a small smile on her face. This made Anna pause. The smile dropped from the little girl's face but the bow remained still and steady.

Anna didn't know that Melantha's daughters were stood right behind her, within spitting distance. Melantha didn't say anything. Riya started singing quietly. Anna heard it but didn't turn; she thought it was just her imagination. Even if it wasn't, it was just somebody singing, her first and foremost threat was Melantha.

The bow started to shake as Anna began to be sucked into the song. Wolfsbane took her chance. She shot her arm out and her nail dug into the back of Anna's arm, instilling her poison.

Within seconds Anna was trembling and her heart started racing. Aconitum poisoning. She'd be dead within 6 hours. Melantha pulled a draw open and took out a vial of misty liquid. She held it up so Anna could see it.

"You'll be dead before sunrise. This is the only thing that could save you now. Do your research before you go on a mission, you silly girl. You've never heard of The Girls?"

Anna tried to shake her head but it was stolen away by her shaking. She tried to speak but it felt as if her throat was on fire and her face and lips were numb. She'd be dead long before sunrise.

"I could give you this," Melantha continued, holding the vial up, "but what would be in it for me? I don't have a reason to so I think I'll just let you die."

She placed the vial carefully on the wooden desk. All was quiet for a second, but Melantha spoke again.

"I didn't know you were coming, so the points go to you there, Anna. But I'm always prepared for attack. So I'm afraid, I win. You're the one dying. If truth be told, from the way you're reacting, I think it'll be an hour, two at the most. You seem to think I wanted to eliminate you. Correct?"

Anna nodded vigorously. This time her head movements showed.

"Wrong. All I wanted to do was talk. But it's too late now. And to be honest, now that you're going to die anyway, I'm not going to lie: killing you was an option."

Melantha kept her eyes on Anna, the dying little girl before her, with no remorse or shame. She thought for a moment, and then clicked her fingers. Two big burly men came from behind her.

"Take her to die," Melantha said bluntly. "Oh, and don't touch her."

The two men grabbed Anna's short sleeves and dragged her away, probably to the cell her uncle had resided in mere hours before. When Anna was gone, Melantha couldn't hold her laugh in anymore. Her laughter penetrated the walls and resonated throughout the entire building.

She'd done it. She was the one who'd brought down the almighty Anna. She just had to wait for her to die.

One thing that never occurred to her was, what if Anna managed to defeat the poison?

The End

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