"All right, enough messing around," declared Ms. Moore as she barged into the room. 'Perfect timing,' Sev thought. "Avery, take a seat. Now, I'm sorry to interrupt what I take to be a very intriguing discussion, but we're already behind schedule."
    "What schedule?" blurted out the blonde from before. "Since when is this class organized? I can hardly remember which subject you're supposed to be teaching."
    "Maybe if you spent more time on homework than hair, your complaints would be invalid," Sev pointed out coolly, not looking up from his desk.
    "Ooh, very brave tactic... Risky, though... Doubt you've got the smarts to back it up."
    "Doesn't take much to overpower--"
    "Elliot, that's enough. Severin, I expected better out of you." Ms. Moore turned a disapproving eye to the entire class.
    "Really? Why would you confide in a criminal?" snarled the smart-aleck called Elliot.
    "Excuse me, what?" replied Ms. Moore, beginning to become confused.
    "Better shut your mouth, Elliot," Sev warned in a low grumble.
    Elliot's mouth hooked into an amused grin, though he still did not face Severin. "Funny, if you could learn to do the same, this wouldn't have happened... Ms. Moore, should you call the police or I? As true citizens of this community, it is our duty to--"
    "He said, shut it," hushed Avery. The teacher, painfully uninformed, simply stood speechless at the front of the room.
    Half the class flinched when Elliot whipped out his phone, ignoring school policies. Each of the three tones bore into Sev's raging thoughts: distinguished, and in order, he inferred the digits to be 9-1-1. As it rang, Elliot made eye contact with the accused. "Better run while you've got the chance."
    Avery lurched forward, grabbing Elliot by the wrist while simultaneously wrenching the phone away from his ear. Severin tensed, fixing to follow the boy's advice, as eye contact was broken.
    A few grunting noises were the result of an unsuccessful escape from Avery's grip. "Let go of me."
    "Hang up the phone."
    "You're not fooling anyone."
    "Hang up the phone!"
    "Boys!" cried Ms. Moore, taking a hesitant half-step forward before changing her mind. Her eyes lifted to Sev as he got up slowly and silently, not once taking his gaze off of Elliot as an expression of sudden terror slid onto the boy's face. Sev felt a stream of fiery anger escape him as his feet stumbled blindly backwards, towards the door.
    A muted, urgent, yet calm male voice emitted from the receiver. "911, what is your emergency?" it questioned routinely.
    Elliot's phone fell from his hand and landed noisily on the carpeted floor. "Stop--it!" he screamed at Avery, a hand flying to his chest as he began to cough.
    Avery's emerald eyes grew wide. "Wha--?" His arms instinctively snapped back, and the space between the two grew slightly larger. A thick haze of silent, confused uncertainty overcame the room. The only remaining sounds were the sharp, painful breaths that Elliot struggled to inhale. His knees gave in, eyes squeezed shut, and head bowed down as his shoulders jerked with each violent cough. His silvery blonde hair drew like curtains around his head. Sev's hand clenched behind his back around the metal doorknob. His head whirled.
    The deep crimson of Severin's eyes was reflected in a shocking burst of color that splattered over Elliot's off-white v-neck tee. Elliot's head rolled limply back up, a small trickle of blood racing from the corner of his mouth and down his chin. Unconsciously, or so it seemed, the boy's slate-gray eyes rested once more on Severin. Over a few gasps, screams, and shouts, Severin's neck pricked at the sound of rustling and muttering--his acute senses picked up the noises from the forgotten cell phone. "Please state your emergency now or this call will end."
    "The phone, get the phone!" Avery shouted, his eyes darting from the suffering boy before him to his best friend at the door. The pale, black-haired boy's eyes widened significantly as he began to drag his head from side to side. "...Sev?" Avery mouthed in concern.
    "He can't control me," Severin roared--heads whipped his way. His stomach knotted. He wasn't going to take this.
    Turning on his heel (an action that was all-too familiar to him by this point), he rushed out of the classroom; the chaos began to erupt. Toward yet another destination, unknown to him still... He had to run. He only knew what he sought out: a hiding place.

The End

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