Criminal Intent

His horror must have shown on his pale face, for many of his classmates became intrigued--and, once they made eye contact with him, maybe even a little frightened. Gazes snapped away from each other as the room grew tense, and Severin even felt out-of-place as he took a seat. Clearing his throat, he announced timidly, "Ms. Moore says she'll be back soon." The statement's main purpose was self-assurance. 'In a few minutes, they'll forget about it. They'll have to. Won't they?'

"I thought the police identified it as an accident," piped a stuck-up girl not three feet from Sev. "Not a crime... I guess even trained professionals can be wrong sometimes, hmm?"

"Hah," chortled another voice, this time belonging to an obnoxious blonde-headed boy who wore a pair of thick-rimmed glasses--which he must have mistaken for stylish, Sev thought pitifully. "There was no mistaking that evidence."

"Highly unlikely--"

"No," argued the blonde. "Impossible. Sorry, Sev," his tone indicated that he was everything but, "you'll have to do better than that to get your attention."

Sev looked up from his desk to glare at the boy, who in turn cowered away. "If it was attention I wanted, I'd probably put more stress on the facts that it was my house, and two dear members of my family were badly injured..." He turned his head to Alice with a mock-concerned expression plastered to his face. "It was two, correct?"

A few scattered students let out uncertain giggles, but the mood in the room remained unbroken, until a light-brown-haired boy called out. "Really now? Are you all honestly scared of this guy?" Sev flicked his eyes just in time to catch a glimpse of a disbelieving smile. "Well, if you wanna let a badly-planned lie ruin your day, it's none of my business. But," he glanced slyly at his friend and his mouth twitched slightly, "if it were me, I'd be pretty shocked that people actually believed it." Avery laughed lightly and stood up, turning to face the majority of the class. His tone slid into sarcasm and irony. "Listen up, there's a criminal on the loose!" But, as the teacher stumbled back through the door, the joke went unseen.

Avery Finn was unaware he had just reinforced what he was trying to get rid of. That was the problem: they believed him.

Now there would be no turning back.

The End

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