“COME ON PHEOBE!”, I could barely feel the hand on my shoulder pulling me back. My whole body was numb, “I said COME ON! If people see you here they will come looking! There’s no point causing another death! Come on!”

The voice sounded like a distant memory. I couldn’t tear myself away from the head in my lap, nothing else mattered. Not even my life. The hand on my shoulder was pulling with more force but I couldn’t move. Tears were streaming down my face and landing on the mess of hair resting on my legs. I pushed it out of her face, revealing a blank, soul-less expression. A cry of pain forced itself out of me, I had no control over it and this scared me. What would I do now? Without her?!

Pulling up my hand I wiped the tears off my cheek and gave in to the hands dragging me away. I couldn’t look at her anymore. I couldn’t bare it. I felt myself being picked up and recognised the strong arms that were now holding me like a infant. They didn’t comfort me like usual, just reminded me of the loss. I could hear him shushing me, like you would to a young child who had just woken up from a nightmare. Only this was real, reassurance wouldn’t work now. There was nothing we could do.

“Everything’s going to be okay Pheebs. I promise”, I didn’t protest at his obvious lie, I no longer had the energy. I could feel my eyes closing and decided to surrender to my dreams. No nightmare could be worse then this, so I had nothing to be scared of. I closed my eyes and focused on the tap, tap, tap on the pavement, hoping this would send me to sleep.

The End

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