Nicholaswas raised in an abonnedond town when him and his family up and left radomly one day. He enjoyed living there and ran everyday and explored the mysterious forests and lakes near his home. When his home is broken into and his mother gets taken hostage and his foather murdered , he starts running for the one thing he knows he must find before they tract him down and kil him too. Safety

I ran through the old shady forest as birds flew restlessly to nest in the branches up above to feed theur young.  This is where i lived.  No one ever came out this way anymore,  it had been abondand since my parents where kids.  One day when i was maybe 3 or 4 we just up and lefted.  No explanation but I dont care, I love it here! there are so many places to explore and i can have any pets i want because we have a huge backyard and  I didnt go to school.  I was homeschooled.  I tripped and fell doing a summersalt in the process.  I had tripped over a twig a cut my bare foot and scraped my knee.  I got up and started running again, my barefeet pounding on the forest floor as i went.

"NIICCCKOLLASSS" courased my mothers voice through the intire forest, "DINNNERRRRR"

I turned and went running back the way that i had came till i found the small run down path  i had run a hundred or more times to get to my house.  I burst from the trees with their leaves tickiling my face.  I jogged the short distant to my house and ran up the 3 steps and in the open door.  I wiped my feet on our small beigh rug and walked into the kitchen were my father sat reading a book while eating a small forkful at a time.  My father loved to read.  He was an author, that was his job.  Every week me and him would drive the 2 hours to the city and buy some more food and supplies and often more books.  My mother sat eating her meal quietly thinking off in space.  I took my seat and started to load up my plate with fried chicken, rice, steamed vegatables and a corn on the cob then dug in.  Around half way through the meal my father shut his book with a loud thunk and sighed the way he normally did when he had finished yet another great story.  It was then my mother emerged from her thoughts and started to talk.

"Good book, Gorge?" She asked looking at a stack of books by the kitchen door. My mother used to be a nurse, that was before we moved out here.  Now she just sits and watches tv, cooks, reads books,  cleans and sometimes comes exploring with me, but not very often. 

"Yes that was quiet the mystery.  It was about a boy and his 2 friends and how a famil moved in one of boys old houses called the DiAngelos and they had a little boy and the mother took the kayak out and long story short the little boy died and the mother was upset and its this huge murder mystery" He said finishing up his book bable.  He looked at my and instantly knew without even having to look at me that i had gone out running yet again. 

"Have a nice run?" My dad asked looking at my dirty ripped clothes knowing i would need new ones soon.

"Yup i found a cave! it wasnt big or anthing but still really cool!" i almost yelled with excitment.

"Karen, I think Im going into town in a couple days again so please make a list of things we need." My dad said looking at my mother then he turned and looked at me, "You coming?"

"Deffinatly!" I replied

Then i finished up my dinner and trudded upstairs to lay down in go to bed.

The End

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