Hide From The Light

James is no ordinary boy. James is the son of someone very, very important. Someone who is very powerful. This father can ruin or make your life with a wave of his claw.


James was tall: he had slick black hair and deep blue eyes. His skin was perfect and pale and his lips were rosy red. To others he was irresistible, but to us he was death. He was silent and sinister and he sat in the woods alone most of the time killing the beauty of the forest. James was unlike any normal boy - he however looked ordinary he carried a secret: a secret that could destroy anyone who dared look into his eyes. He had previously had an argument with his father; and was in a particularly bad mood. 


He started a fire in the wood, grinning at the damage that he had done, the twigs and moss burned slowly - James enjoyed watching them die. He hid in the shadows as a young girl noticed the fire, screamed and ran to find help. A few minutes later half the town was running behind her with buckets of water and the local fire service. He chuckled and muttered under his breath “humans are so fickle. Nature is a waste of space.” He had another look round the tree of which he was lurking and spotted a young girl - around his age, sixteen, she was beautiful. Her hair was the same colour as his and hung at her shoulders. It was curly and formed small ringlets, her eyes were deep hazel, her mouth again that same rosy red colour. James could read her aura and sensed goodness but also a part of her showed evil at which had the lowest levels James had ever seen. ‘How could this be?’ he thought, ‘there is evil in everyone and everyone has different characters within them?’ Just like the story of Jekyll and Hyde, which was thought to be just a story - but with his father’s influence it was, in fact, the truth.


James sensed that the girl felt his presence as she turned and stared at the spot where he had been. As well as reading auras, James could shape shift - and in his place there was a raven as slick black as his hair. With a dark pointed beak it called at the girl - and she advanced towards him! James thought that she would be scared of him, but she was quite the opposite when she had advanced; she moved her hand towards him and he turned his head to the side - but the girl’s hand touched him and he felt all his negative energy disappear. He was alarmed by this; and he bit the girl and flew into the shadows. The girl’s finger was bleeding a very strange kind of blood. It was a deep pink, and when it hit the floor where the fire had killed the creepers - the creepers grew back to the original state! No one noticed this not - even James - the girl touched the bite with her other finger and it was healed.

The End

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