Hide and seek

Someone hiding from something or someone for unknown reason.

He hid.

He was scared to even breathe. He opened his mouth wide so as to not make any sound at all.

Footsteps. The most terrifying sound he'd ever heard. Closer and closer - then silence. The silence was almost worse.

It had been almost an hour and he had no idea how much longer he could stay there. It would have to be until dark at the earliest.

He looked at his watch. 1pm. Maybe he could make a run for it. Maybe not. All he could think was the he should have kept running. At least that way he was free. Now he was trapped.

He shuffled silently towards the door. The chink of light underneath was just about bright enough to see into the small cupboard, but the gap was too small to see through.

Hopefully no one would notice. No one would notice he was there. No one would notice he'd gone.

Out of nowhere, a shout. "Jake!" It made his heart leap. Sit tight he thought, sit tight.

The End

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