Chapter Two: The Letter

"Hi mum," I said as I ran down the red stairs. She smiled at me,

"Hiya Darren. How was your day?" she asked. I frowned,

"Day? You were out for the day?" I'd been sleeping for a day? She sighed,

"Not really, I meant 'how were you whilst I was gone?'" she explained. I sighed in relief.

"Phew, I almost thought I'd lost my whole day. Yeah, it was cool." She smiled as she bent down to pick up the pile of white and brown envelopes on the floor next to the door. She looked through them,

"Bill, bill, bill, bill..." She said, throwing them on the small oak table next to the door.

"Funny," I said, "We don't even know anyone called Bill." I said, laughing. She didn't laugh the way she normally did. Instead, she was frowning at another brown envelope.

"What is it, Mum?" I asked, frowning too. I walked over to her. It was from Stephen. The brother I had until he was kidnapped.

I looked at the young thirteen-year-old Stephen, talking to his 'friend'. Everyone knew she wasn't just a 'friend'. She was a 'girl'friend. I rolled my blue eyes. He looked at her with love in his pruple, eyes, and I was happy for him.

That night, we went to bed late. I was tired from staying up. I was only ten.


Everyone got up at the same time the next morning. We did everything the same; make and eat breakfast, and then we all sat down to watch T.V.. But one thing was missing. Stephen.

The End

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