Hide And Seek

Darren and his Mother are the only ones living in his house. Their brother, Dwayne, has left for College, and his oldest brother, Peter has gone off to live with his girlfriend, Aisha. But when they all find out about their long lost brother, Stephen, they re-unite to find him. But this will be hard, scince there are no records of him since the year of his birth.

The sweet melody of Journey's 'Open Arms' drifted through my ears. My long black hair fell over my blue eyes.

"Darren!" my mother called from downstairs, "Darren! I'm off to the shops. Do you want anything?" she offered. I rolled my eyes,

"No, mum." I shouted back in my deep voice. I slipped the headphones back on, and listened to 'Don't Stop Believing'.

I hadn't realised that I'd fallen asleep until the sound of my mum's key jingeling woke me. I gasped as the dream left my brain. Wierd. I'd never forgotten a dream, until that day.

The End

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