A killer on the looseMature

Zaria and I exchanged a glance. Reynard was already at a door. I left Rayne and Jayden to fight to their hearts content, not even thinking about what Chloe might have to face out there. She knows there's more dangers for her than she could possibly imagine! What one earth is she thinking? 

I was running too slow, anger coursed through me and I felt myself changing and as I did something from Reynard flashed into my mind. 

I saw her running towards the sheriff station.

I instantly changed my course and fell into step beside Reynard. I didn't know where Zaria had got to but I was sure she'd left the house behind me. And there was a sound from an alley   a few metres away. Rey's head locked on it and I snapped out of my thoughts.

What happened next was a blur of running and leaping, words from my pack leader invading my brain. There was a scream, lots of footsteps running and my head was pounding. I just kept running and running. There was a man. Not a man. I don't know what he was. And a big black dog, pinning Chloe down. Reynard was already on him.

Get the guy, Vixen! I can take this one!

But by the time I'd turned in that thin alley the guy had gone. I had no time. Chloe was still lying on the ground and my first instinct was to go and get her. But she wouldn't recognise me. I bet she thought I was another one out to get her. 

There was no time to think. Reynard was big but that dog was bigger and stronger and I needed to get over there. I leapt high and landed on the dog's back, tearing at his neck. He spun around, rolling off of Reynard and clawed at my face. Cold blood trickled down my nose and I yelped in pain.

I shuffled back, keeping out for enough time to recover, watching. Taking my attention away for the slightest moment I watched Zaria knelt beside Chloe, and pick her up, but that slight moment was a moment too long and something big slammed my head into the ground. 

The End

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