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Reynard words kept repeating in my head, “first the shape-shifter, then the witches, and now this vampire.” What did he mean by ‘witches’? I thought of the grimoire that had only responded to me but still I couldn’t believe it. I was still trying to get my head round everything else, vampires, vulpelage and now Zaria who claimed to be my cousin, somewhere deep down I believed that like a nagging feeling.

The atmosphere was tense to say the list, Rayne and Jayden fight still vibrated between them, Reynard affected Rosa somehow maybe because he was her alpha and Zaria was staring at Reynard her face a mask.

“We all know what creature leaves those marks.” Reynard couldn’t help but look at Rayne and then at Zaria.

“Don’t you even think it, I happen to have better taste than your fool tasting blood and besides I’ve only just come into town.” Zaria stated crossing her arms. “Didn’t you say this happened early this evening? Well it was late this evening I arrived. So don’t you dare pin this on me.” And with that she stormed out the room and up the stairs.

“What are we going do now?” Rosa asked.

“Patrol the area, you and Rich can search the west part of town there are some abandon buildings and more likely hide-out places where they will go.” Reynard was explaining Rosa nodded following her orders. “You two need stop this fighting at some point you’ll have to learn to work together.” Jayden and Rayne looked at each other but the anger was still there. “I must go find out some other leads.” He walks to the door with Rosa showing him out when he stops. “Chloe you must be careful.” Then he left.

“I shouldn’t have come.” I murmur.

“This has nothing to do with you.” Rosa came over touching my shoulder.

“That vampire may be after me and now has killed someone innocent.” My voice hitched trying to hold my sadness.

“Hey come on now, we don’t know that and vampires come into town sometimes looking for a bite.” I couldn’t believe how strong Rosa was being, this was one of her pack mates and yet she shed no tears unlike me.

I pulled away from her not wanting her comfort. “Everything is going wrong.” Backing away I grabbed my pink bag with the grimoire and dashed up the stairs to my room shutting the door.

Few minutes later the front door opened and closed, I guessed that it was Rosa going out to patrol and the house was silent. I sat on the wooden floor under the moonlit window, with my legs brought to my chest and my head leaning in my knees. I didn’t know who I was crying for but tears finally stopped and stayed where I was.

“You need to stop this self-pity little girl.” Rayne voice made me jump as I lifted my head seeing him lying on my bed.

“What are you doing? I closed that door.” I stood up. “I am not a ‘self-pity little girl’ by the way.”

“Really well you could have fooled me because that’s all I think when I see you.” Rayne eyes swept over me. “Just a human with no spirit.”

“Maybe because I am a human.” I shrugged.

“Hmm look again little girl.” Rayne stood up facing me from the other side of the bed. “Why do you think you understand what we all are so easily? Can sense others around nearby, strange tattoos around your waist that you can’t remove and feel a connection to Zaria?”

“I don’t know a coincidence maybe.”

“What about the grimoire? Do you think that was a coincidence? How Jayden wasn’t able to touch it and yet it welcomed your touch?” I still didn’t understand why that had happened. “Chloe you’re a witch.”

“I am not a witch Rayne.”

“Yes you are we can all feel it and I’ve tasted the magic in your blood.”

I was shocked. I didn’t want to believe it and started to laugh putting it down to stress. “Thank god I thought I was going mad, I wondered why the broom stick kept flying everywhere when I touched it, people turning to frogs if I glared at them and what this strange stuff was in the black pot.”

“You don’t believe me then?” Rayne raised an eyebrow at me.

“No I don’t now get out.” I turned my back on Rayne. “That car crash must have really done something to my head believing you and your friends.”


The next morning I got dressed finding a clean white blouse and went downstairs seeing Jayden and Zaria in the kitchen.

“Good morning Chloe.” Jayden said smiling and the toasts popped up from the toaster I took a slice and sat down.

“Chloe Jayden was just telling me about the grimoire, sounds impressive.” Zaria was drinking from a covered bottle which must have contained blood. But I ignored her buttering my toast taking a bite. “You have strawberry jam too.”

“Excuse me?” I replied confused.

“When we were little you always had strawberry jam with toast, you went mad sometimes when there was none left.” Zaria told me gently.  

“Whatever.” I carried on with my toast noticing Jayden watching me. “Where’s Rayne the so called vampire?”

“At bookshop where he works.” Jayden said carefully, standing up turning to wash his plate.

“Ok you can stop it now.” Jayden looked back and glanced at Zaria who was confused.

“Stop what?” She replied.

“What you think I really fell for the whole creatures of the night? Well maybe I did for a little bit but know you’ve all been playing some sick joke on me all this time.” I got up from my seat.

“Chloe this is real-

“No this is some kind of nightmare I’m having and now I need to wake up from the car crash or this is somehow real and everyone playing a joke on me. So I’m going to the sheriff station where they will have some real information on me.” I walked quickly to the door nearly knocking over a tired looking Rosa.

“Chloe what’s going on?”

“You’ve all been lying to me that’s what!” I ran then before they could catch me and try to brainwash me to believing anything else. I made it into the town and asked a woman where the sheriff station was. It was warm out sweat dripped down my forehead where the cut was healing from the crash.

I waited across the street to catch my breath before going inside. A man with a rough looking appearance came out of nowhere and was heading in my direction, my heart rate picked up. He was still coming and I knew I had to get away but instead of running to the sheriff I walked down the allay way hoping he’ll walk past. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was looking for me. The allay way backed onto another allay, I kept walking and knew that man was following me I didn’t know what to do. I stopped and hide behind a rubbish bin.

“Come out little girl I can smell your fear.” He chucked loudly making it clear he knew where I was. It annoyed me then that everyone kept calling me a little girl and thinking I was some child. I saw a large plank of wood and stood waiting for the man to come. “I’m not hiding.”

“Good.” Something growled and I saw a big black hair dog at the end of the allay way. Its eyes gleamed red as it came closer, growling with sharp yellowy teeth and claws scabbed across the pavement. “Don’t run.” It spoke in a deep animal voice and leapt. I throw the plank and ran. It growled charging after me, I needed to get in a public space but every twist and turn took brought me to another allay. I took a wrong turn and faced a high fence. “Bad luck.” The creature lunged again and pinned me to the ground.  

The End

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