Mixed EmotionsMature


Jayden had pulled me apart from the girls and into the other room for an interrogation. Defiantly, I shoved my hands in my pocket. My expression remained impassive.

“Spill it leech,” Jayden demanded as soon as we were out of earshot from the others.

I feigned disinterest. “Whatever are you talking about mate?”

Jayden grabbed me by the collar of my shirt, lifting me off of my toes. I grinned. Perhaps I had underestimated his strength. “You know damn well what I'm talking about Rayne. The Zaria chick. I saw the look.”

I pushed him away from me and straightened my collar. “The look?”

“Yeah. It's the same way you look at Chloe and Rosa, you know like you wouldn't mind getting a piece of them.”

I laughed and just to spite him I added. “You got me mate. I wouldn't mind a free tasting of Chloe's blood.... but Rosa it's different with her. I wouldn't mind a free-

His fist hit me square in the jaw before I could finish. I grinned flashing my fangs. Jayden struggled to maintain his composure. “Alright,” I gave in. “I did have history with Zaria.”

  • “How so?” he growled growing impatient.

    I rubbed my soar jar.“Piss off Jayden. I'm not going to tell you a damn thing more.” I pulled out a flask of whiskey tainted blood, and took a swig. Jayden watched on disgusted and his hands coiled into fists. “I don't ask you what happens with Rosa behind closed doors, now do I?”

Jayden shook his head, bewildered. “We're just friends,”

I laughed bitterly. "Then why do you care if I have her?"

Jayden looked at me as if I had two heads. "She would never have you. She is repealed by your kind, and I still don't trust you. I care about Rosa as if she were my sister," he said, averting his eyes.

Whether he was telling the truth or not I could not say, but I did know I was getting under his skin. He made this game all too easy for me. A knock at the door, interrupted our conversation. Jayden pushed past me, nearly shoving his male bravado down my throat. I could tell from the bitter scent his blood had taken on, that I had somehow pissed him off by bringing up Rosa just as he pissed me off by questioning me about Zaria.  

The End

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