"Chloe I-" I tried to say.

"Rosa, I really think she could help. She looks like she could protect us."

"I know her Chloe. She'll kill us all, after she's sold all the information about us that she can." Rayne whispered. Zaria had left the room to rumage through the house for food. She chose that moment to come back in.

"Shut it, tigrotto. Listen to the little girlie."

"Whatever it is that's gone on between the two of you. I don't wanna hear it. Not now. It's dangerous in this old town and all we need is one of.. this guy's old buds hating us and him distracted by trying to kill her. We'll settle it later."

"Jayden's right. Calm it. All we need to know is, if she's on our side, can she be trusted?" I sighed.

"She can be trusted all right! Trusted to -" 

Jayden threw himself in front of Rayne as a knock came at the door. Zaria and I exchanged quick glances. She quickly dragged Chloe away to an old cupboard. Crashes came from the sitting room where Rayne and Jayden where no doubt fighting. I ignored them, if they kill each other it was their own problem.

Creeping forward, I peered through the window at the door. There was a tall figure, but it was obscured by the glass, and in the darkness of the night I could make out no specific features.

The figure chose that moment to knock again, making me jump. Jayden and Rayne weren't thunping around so much, so I twisted the doorknob.

The End

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