Zaria Mason-Party CrasherMature

"I'll ask you again... Who are you?" the tall woman asked me, her teeth gritted in irritation.

"Zaria Mason."

I expected a response from Chloe, since she was my cousin after all. Yet I got nothing. The protection spell must've wiped her memories.

"Zaria..." she tested my name. "It sounds familiar. Really familiar."

"Of course it does, Chlo. We're cousins. Our moms were sisters." She gasped. I tried to tell her more, but my magick wasn't as strong as it used to be. "Damn spell..." I muttered.

Everyone stared in shock and I was immediately bored.

I gazed over the people and room, trying to take in my surroundings.

It was a very tidy house, nothing like what I lived in. The room was bright and open, with plush looking furniture scattered about. Nothing matched and I sauntered over to the couch, plopping down.

"Make yourself at home," the woman from before snarled at me.

"Planned on it," I sneered at her. I saw a change go throughout her body that told me she was close to changing.

"Hey, Rosa, calm down," a pale boy said from beside her. His black/blue eyes regarded me warily. I snorted.

"Yes, heaven forbid anything interesting happen," said another voice. A familiar voice.

"Rayne," I growled. He stepped out from behind Chloe, the pale boy, and Rosa. He hadn't changed his hair style at all, brown hair that framed his face, and he was still quite musclar. Damn him. I bared my fangs at him.

"I take it you two know each other?" Pale Boy asked.

"What on earth would give you that idea Jayden?" Rayne asked sarcastically. Yep. Same Rayne.

"If I had known you were here, I wouldn't have come. Even for family." Seeing him just mad me instantly livid and I tried to force my memories back. I didn't want them.

"Then by all means, LEAVE," Rosa said, glaring at me with glittering blue eyes.


We all stared at Chloe in surprise; it was the first time she had raised her voice since I arrived. She always was a quiet one.

"No, I want her to stay." She smiled kindly at me, and I tentatively smiled back.

Rosa sighed, Jayden was looking between her and I, and Rayne was openly staring.

This was going to be interesting.

The End

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