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Trapped. Darkness surrounded me keeping me from moving…from screaming …from casting…from breathing…Everything went up in smoke, the darkness vanished and left me falling to the ground.

“Run fast little angel because I love the chase, your thumping heart, sweat dripping ice cold down your spin, terrified beautiful eyes and your body trembling under my gaze…Run little angel…”


My eye opened and I felt relieved to see that it was morning. Jayden turned his head round a smiled saying morning. I looked in the mirror feeling hot and flustered from my nightmare and saw Rayne staring at me, he looked confused and something else but turned away facing out the window.


 I was standing around the derbies of a building that I didn’t recognise, in a place that wasn’t familiar to me and wondering why I drawn towards the strange object, slowly I walked towards it. As got closer I could see that it was a book, but not just any book, it was leather hard covering and looked old very old. The grimoire. It echoed through my head and I said the word out loud sounding strange, but the bubble that seemed to be protecting it shimmered and the book glowed slightly. I stopped unable to move and felt a tingling across my waist-the strange black symbols.

I had forgotten about everyone else until Jayden went up to grab the book, although as he touched through the bubble it reacted and throw him away. He got up slightly red in the face from getting thrown in the dirt. “Did you guys just see that? That book just threw me through the air, like a dummy”

“Well it was a dumb move.” Rosa said walking over to him de-dusting his hair. “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine but there something not right with that book.” Jayden replied. “Wipe that smile of your face bloodsucker before I throw you to the ground.” This seem to interest Rayne, I could see it in his eyes the challenge was there waiting and ready.

“Can we just go please, this is a dead end link and wait Chloe don’t touch that book!” Rosa shouted my name but I didn’t listen, I needed that book and I was going to get it. The bubble faded as my hand went through it; I touched the book and picked it up. It was thick with old yellowing pages, hard leather binding looked worn and the strap was broken at the side. “It’s always been broken.” I whispered to myself and wondered how I knew this, knew that this was a grimoire and yet didn’t know what a grimoire was or what it held.

“Chloe we better be going and bring the grimoire.” Rayne was at my side helping me stand up. How did he know what the book was?

“Are sure that book is safe to take?” Rosa eyed the book weary as we went back to the car.

“Yeah feels ok to me. Look you can leave me here guys, I’m sure I can find something in this town.” I knew that I was putting them I danger, if my nightmares were anything to go by then I really didn’t want them with me and getting hurt because of me.

“You can’t.” Rosa said getting back out the car. “You have to stay with us; you’re be in danger on your own.”

“Rosa right, you can’t be on your own because well.” Jayden stopped, running a hand through his already tousled black hair.

“You have no memory of your past, how are you going to know people? Hmm. Walking up to stranger asking ‘do you know me?’ That will get you in more danger, not everyone you meet is kind and some will love your innocent and use it against you.” Rayne voice was hard; I walked back trying to find some space but failed. “Don’t walk away from me, you can hear the truth in my words and know deep down that I’m right. Come back with us and stop this now.”

I hit a brick wall, Rayne followed. “No I'll bring the danger with me.”

Rayne voice was low as he spoke. “Danger surrounds all of us, now get in the car and bring the grimoire.”

“How do you know what it is?” I whispered.

“I know what you are.” Rayne moved away getting back  in the car and waited. I was stunned. Jayden went to the car slamming the door shouting why Rayne had said those things, scaring me.

Rosa came over to me. “It’s your choice I understand but I agree with Rayne, you will be safer with us and I can have the pack looking out you and around the area for any dangers.”

“She is not a child! If we leave her here alone she would be dead before midnight.” Rayne snapped back.

“Come on Chloe you can’t leave me with them two, I need a wing girl and someone to help keep the peace.” Rosa looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Ok I’ll stay.”


The journey home was quite everyone lost in their own thoughts; we stopped off at the services for gas, restroom and refreshments. Rayne had slipped off to the nearby woods and came back wiping his chin. The afternoon sun soon turned dark and we were nearly back, the bridge was re-opened but had traffic cones and traffic lights. We was all glad to get out of car stretching our muscles from sitting too long, I remembered to grab the pink bag that now held the grimoire and went inside heading for the kitchen.

“Chloe I’ve got an idea of how you could access your past.” Jayden handed me a glass as I got the cartoon of orange juice from the fridge.

“What idea?” I asked then took a slip of orange.

“I could try shifting into your mum.”

“What, you haven’t seen my mum how?” I sat down unable to take it in.

“A few years ago I was in Magick, I remember seeing you and you were with your mum. I can shift into her and access her mind and find out your past. What do you think?” Jayden explained waiting for my reaction.

“Ok give it a go.” I sat putting the pink bag on the table. “Honestly after today anything would be better.” Jayden nodded as I began drinking my orange. After a few minutes Jayden was breathing deeply and sweat formed on his head.

“I can’t-

I dropped my glass feeling my waist burn with heat and I heard Rosa and Rayne come into the room.

“What’s going on Jayden Chloe?” Rosa didn’t know who go to; Jayden holding onto the table looked in pain and me holding my waist gasping. “What’s going on?”

“Jayden tried to shift into my mum, but when he did my waist burned and he couldn’t do it.” I managed to say the burning had stopped but it shocked me still.

“Lift your shirt up Chloe.” Rayne voice was cool taking in the situation. “Let me see your waist.” So I did rolling it up showing my flat stomach, slender back and exposing the black ancient words, patterns and symbols that ran across my waist line. Everyone gasped and then an unrecognizable voice came out of nowhere.

“Protection spell, well that’s why it took soo long to find you.”

My fingers went lose on my blue shirt that really needed changing, everyone stood frozen and then looked at me.

“Who the hell are you?” Rosa asked defensibly stepping towards the backdoor.

The girl had long wavy dark blood red hair, her creamy skin shone in the moon and her blue eyes accessed Rosa defending pose, scanned Jayden who stood near to my side fist clenched and Rayne pose move to the other side of me I picked up on the slight snarl that escape his throat. The girl smiled showing her teeth that looked sharp.

“She doesn’t know who she is right? No memory correct? And any one that does know her won’t remember anything either. That’s the beauty of a protection spell. I know her name and was only just able to track her using blood.”

I could feel Rosa anger, Jayden near her knowing that she was maybe only minutes from changing and turning this into a blood battle. “I’ll ask you again…Who are you?” She through gritted teeth trying to keep herself under control.

“Zaria Mason.”



The End

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