"What else does it say about you, Chloe Cast?"

"I'm..." She took a moment to do some calculations, "Seventeen. I was born in Spearfish."

Jayden left the room.

"Rude." Rayne muttered. "What have you got there Chloe?"

She held out the form of ID she had. It was a driving license.

"Doesn't that have an address on it?" She passed it to me. "326 4th Street, Ipswich, South Dakota, USA."

Rayne looked up.

"I know where that is." he said.

Chloe and I looked at him. He fiddled with his nails and refused to enlighten us. Jayden walked back into the room with a large map. He opened it up and spread it out on the floor.

"Where did you get a large map of South Dakota?" I raised my eyebrows as I spoke.

"When I was travelling." Was all he said.

He sat there searching the map for some time. We all sat in silence for about ten minutes before Jayden let out a triumphant cry.

"Here! The place where the magicks go!"

Rayne and Chloe rushed to his side.

"What do you mean?" 

Jayden explained. "While I was tavelling with some friends, they found out that there was a place near Salem Park in Spearfish where Magicks hang out, like an Inn for Magicks only. Mortals can't see it. We went to check it out, it was pretty cool. I thought I recognised Chloe when I saw her. Now I know where from. She was having dinner there with her mother at the table behind us, it was about five years ago now."

Chloe's eyes misted over a bit, but she shook  her head, pushed back her pale hair and smiled. She still had no memories. The best we could do was tell her her own memories. 

"What do you think Chloe?" Rayne whispered after an awkward silence.

"I-I want to go back, see if I can remember anything. I want to see what I was running from."

The End

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