The pink bagMature


I was curled up on the side of the couch, someone nudge me when my eyes drifted off.

“Hey sleeping-head why don’t you go to bed, you’re be more comfortable.” The new guy-Rayne said.

“I don’t know where I’m sleeping.” I replied looking around the room and saw Rosa and Jayden talking quietly to each other.

“Rosa you not a very good hostess are you? The poor lamb doesn’t know where to rest her head.” Rayne shock his head in mock disappointment. “This would never have happened at the Hilton.” Rosa shot a confused look in my direction; Jayden looked annoyed and balled his fist up again. Rayne sighed dramatically, “Our new guest is tired, can you show her to a room where she can sleep?”

“Oh sure we should get some sleep it’s been a long night.” Rosa stood up stretching, we all went up stairs.

“Don’t you need to be in a coffin blood sucker?” Jayden said casually but even I could hear sarcasm.

“A bed will suffice my needs thank you for the concern.” Rayne opened the first door and slammed it shut.

“Well looks like you two have become fast friends.” Rosa commented smiling at me.

“I’m locking my door tonight, goodnight girls.” Jayden went to the furthest room and closed his door; we heard the soft click sound that confirmed that Jayden had indeed locked the door.

“I doubt a locked door will stop Rayne from opening the door.” I said wondering which room to have.

“That’s the bathroom next to Rayne, the room next door can be yours and this is mine.” Rosa pointed to the room opposite Rayne, the bathroom was next door to Rayne and mine was next which was opposite Jayden room.

“Thanks Rosa for everything, goodnight.”

“Don’t worry about it, Jayden going to get your bags back tomorrow and then we call you by your name, goodnight.”



The sun came shinning through the window the following morning, the bedding was tangled around my body. I didn’t have anything to sleep in so I took my jeans off; my blue t-shirt had blood stains and my underwear. I got up grabbing my jeans then stopped seeing my reflection the mirror. Dropping the jeans I moved closer, then ran my hands over my waist and stared at the strange black letters and markings that went along my waist.

“Oh my god.” I gasped, grabbing my jeans I dashing into the bathroom and turning on the shower. 20 minutes later and the markings were still on my skin. The water turned cold, I got out and got dressed when I heard the front door bang open. I heard someone run up the stairs and the knock at the door.

“Blondie are you awake? I got your pink bag.” Jayden voice said knocking the door. My pink bag? I felt nervous all of a sudden, I would finally know who I was and find my family. Family. Mum and dad did I have brothers and sisters? “Blondie?”

“Coming.” Quickly I ran my fingers through my wet hair and slowly went downstairs.

Everyone was in the living room holding, drinking from mugs and looking at the pink bag on the coffee table. “Morning.”

“Morning, would you like a cup of tea or coffee and breakfast?” Rosa jumped up smiling and tried not to look at the bag.

I didn’t have to be psychic to know what everyone was thinking, “I’ll get my bag first, thanks though.” It seemed like nearly everyone was holding their breath-if Rayne needed to breathe that is. “Erm I’m going outside need some air.”

My hands were shaking as I found black purse, why was I nervous? Slowly I pulled the zip and I took out the I.D card. There it was: Chloe Cast…

“You know it’s rude to keep people waiting.” I jumped turning round and saw Rayne leaning against the door frame.

“Chloe...Chloe Cast.” I replied.

“It is a pleasure to finally meet you Chloe Cast.”




The End

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