It was dark but I knew she was unclad. I could tell by the curve of her body. Her hair fell like black silk down her spine, but it did little to hide her feminine form. I studied the arch of her back for a moment before she whipped her head around, in alarm“Are you staring at me leech?!”

“Of course not!” I lied, wondering how the hell she knew that.

“In fact I'll give you the jacket off my back and by the way it's Rayne not leech.” I said secretly hoping she would refuse the offer. She snatched the jacket out of my hands, before concealing her frame with it. She picked up her pace and pointed to a rather lethargic looking bird, lying helplessly on the ground.

“The sparrow is ill, you mines well put it out of it's misery.” She said stoically.

“Gourmet you shouldn't have sweetheart.” I said fastidiously, trying to lighten the mood.

She shot me a warning look. I could tell by the disgusted look she was giving me, she wasn't one to endorse the harming of innocent animals, and I had to admit I hated the circumstances myself, but after two hundred years I had grown more comfortable with the idea.

I offered her an apologetic glance, before turning my attention to the bird. I could feel Rosa's gaze on my back.

“By all means stand their and gawk, it's not uncomfortable in the least bit.” I quipped.

“Just hurry up nonspir!”She snapped.

I closed my eyes before devouring the helpless creature.. It was merely a snack, I hated taking it's blood and wasting the meat.

“Hungry Sweet-

“It's Rosa!” She interrupted.

“And I don't eat Raw meat in my human form. Unlike you I'm not invisible.”

“Touche.” I said placing the tiny bird carcass back on the ground.

“Look If that hasn't satisfied your appetite, I have a supply in my fridge.”

This caught my attention. “Why would you have blood Lycan?”

She shrugged, “I use it to cover my sent from larger predators. It doesn't do me too much good in the rain obviously and it's mixed blood.”

“I don't mind.” I said a little to eagerly.

“Reynard is there and he is going to hate you.” She said in a mocking sing song voice.

I grinned, did she really think I could be intimidated so easily. “Like I said I don't mind.”

“Follow me.” She said before breaking off into a sprint. It wasn't hard to keep up. I could have run circles around here, but I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt considering she was leading me to food.

As we approached a house in the clearing. A familiar sent burned my nose.

I struggled to maintain my composure, but I could already smell the blood. The same blood that I had tasted earlier, I was sure of it.

I hesitated at first.

“What's wrong with you?” She shot out.

I shook my head I was being an idiot. Why should I give her anymore reason to be suspicious of me.

“I'm fine.” I said as something shifted inside me. My senses were heightened even more so than they already were. I couldn't explain why or how, but I felt a surge of power buzz through me like an electric shock. I had to be closer to the blood source, I wasn't sure why but my body was craving more. Yes, more power, less hunger I thought, as I was overcome with a pleasant sure of adrenaline.

The End

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