I was out hunting alone in the woods. The moon was hidden behind clouds and a steady drizzle tickled the tops of the trees. My feet padded slowly along as I thought of what had happened today.

We'd found a girl in a car, a victim of a car crash, and we were keeping her in my house. What?! What if the police did a search of the area? What if they searched my house and found her there? What would they do to me and mum?

These thoughts attacked my brain.

Footsteps, coming closer, through the trees. My instincts told me. I tensed and crouched as a tall, human figure stumbled into view. Jumping high into the air, I knocked him backwards, pressing him into a tree, changing into a human.

"Who are you?"

"Does it matter?"

"Yes, this is Cari territory, and you know it, nonspir!"

"Excuse me, I'm just a helpless vampire! I don't know this area. I'm just looking for some food."

"Prove that you're a vampire."

He hissed, showing four long, sharp fangs.
"Want any more proof?"

I stepped back.

"Okay, fine. But Reynard won't be happy. You need food, you say?" he nodded.

"Follow me."

The End

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