Strange feelings?Mature

It was a simple question. But I couldn’t answer and not because I didn’t want to…I couldn’t. My mind still felt fuzzy, I ached all over and I didn’t know what to do. I began looking around the dimly lit room, wooden floors, big fire place, small coffee table and different chairs a living-room.

“Hey you’re safe, nothing going to come for you.” The man said I looked up meeting his eyes, something flickered and then his eyes changed colour. “What’s wrong?” I looked back down to my hands and sat up.

“I don’t know my name.” I whispered. “I don’t know anything…why is this happening?”

“Everything going to be okay,” he came and sat next to me. “I’m Jayden by the way.” I studied the man face something wasn’t right, his eyes they didn’t fit and I jumped up off the sofa.

“No your lying…you…you’re not Jayden.” The man froze. “Something not right.”

The man stood up still confused, and then started to shake, “Just watch.” I stepped back looking around the room seeing if I could find an exit, strange noises echo around the room and I found the door making a dash for it when I heard someone speak stopping me dead.

“This is me, well at list I think it is I keep changing back to this form, but I’m still never sure if it’s the real me.” I turned round seeing a teenage boy, black tousled hair which he moved back to ravel dark eyes almost black it seemed but as I looked closely I saw the deep blue. “I’m sorry about before I should have changed back.”

“What are you?” I gasped.

“A shape-shifter.” Shape-shifter the word didn’t sound foreign some destine part of me knew the word.

“Can we start again?” The boy Jayden said looking hopeful.

“Ok…So Jayden was it?”

“The one and only, nice to meet you and any idea of what your name could be?” He sat on chair moving his head to the other chair and looked back to me. I sighed and went over to the chair. “We must give you a name or else Rosa and I will be calling you thingy-ya-bob.” I smiled slightly then something tricked my memory.

“My bags! In the car they must have some sort of I.D or well at list a name.”

“Good thinking Blondie.” Jayden smiled. “Now what else can you remember?”

“Blondie?” I asked touchy my hair seeing that it pale blonde colour. “I see…erm I think I must be 16 or 17 or 18 given the fact that I was driving. I don’t know what else…oh I’m hungry.” Jayden smiled then started to laugh and I found myself smiling too. “Surely this must be a dream.”

“Well if it’s not then at list you get to reinvent yourself, not many of us get the chance to do that.” Jayden looked thoughtful then got up. “Let’s find some food and then find your bags Blondie.”


Jayden fixed us sandwiches; I didn’t know what food I liked so we had a range of different fillings and Jayden filled me in on the town and then he told me what Rosabella or Rosa as he called her was.

“She’s a what?” I choked back on my glass of cola.

“A Vulpelage like a werewolf but a fox style but with a shaper bite.” Jayden bite down into his sandwich.

“Hmm interesting that sounds new to me.” I grabbed another sandwich thinking about everything that he had told me, apparently I was in a small town called Birchwood the name didn’t sound familiar to me and every time I tried to think about my past I came up blank.

“Can we go and get my bags please?” It was still late into the night but I needed the bags, they may hold some of the answers and I was desperate to find out who I was.

“Sure thing-

“Wait.” I could feel something, coming closer. “The door I can…something.”

Jayden looked puzzled again and got up going down the hallway, I followed wondering what this feeling was and interested. Jayden opened the door and Rosabella had a key in her hand.

“You’re getting good at answering the door, but I have a key and-

“I didn’t know it was you.”Jayden replied running his hand through his hair looking between Rosa and me.

“Then how did you know I was at the door?” Rosa asked.

“Think you might want to answer this one Blondie.” They both turned to me waiting.

“I…I don’t how but erm…I could…sense something coming to the house.” I leant back against the wall rubbing my temples feeling the cut.

“Excuse me but will someone invite me please.” Someone was standing by the door; we all looked back seeing the guy with brown hair, pale and hidden muscle under his clothing.

“Don’t make me regret this Rayne.” Rosa said coming into the crowded hallway. “Come in.”

“Thank you.” Rayne stepped in and lifted his head his nose twitching and then looked straight at me. “You’re the girl from the crash…interesting.”

The End

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