It was a new low, but I was starved for blood I didn't see the harm in approaching the scene since the bodies had been taking away, otherwise this may have been a bad situation. Hunger takes away all self control, it unleashes the demon inside of me. I am a monster my will to live is only sustained with my will for revenge.

I assessed the damage of the lone car briefly. The bumper and hood were smashed in and the windshield slightly cracked from the impact. I'm not sure what caused the damage. The car was up against the guard rail of the high level bridge that hovered over the lake. Could it have been a suicide attempt? It's possible, more likely the driver was distracted by a large animal or even the victim of a hit and run. I shake off my theories. I am from Eric Rayne, the book store cashier by day to Rayne the vampire turned stalker by night. Yet I am definitely no Sherlock Holmes.

The blood that would have been on the pavement is washed away by the rain. I open the driver side door. To my pleasure the interior is still covered in blood . I feel the familiar transform of my face like sleeping nerves being jostled awake. I open my mouth wide enough so that I don't bite my tongue with my extended fangs. It's happened before and it's not a pleasant experience. I pierce the suede of the seat first, knowing that the blood will quickly be absorbed by the material. I spit out pieces of foam that come up with the blood. After the seat I press my fingers to the steering wheel and bring them back to my mouth to lick dry. Next I turn my attention to the blood on the dashboard. Eventually I have the whole interior licked clean. Even so the cold mostly dried blood does little to appease my appetite.

 For now I am obscured in this small town praying on the scenes of car crashes and anything else that's already been bloodied by fate. If my superiors could see me now they would no doubt be laughing.

My superiors however are the reason I've gone rogue. I broke from my pack about twenty years ago, which in the lifespan of 200 and some odd years only seems like a few years. I was immortalized when I was nineteen by a cruel man named Samuel. Samuel became my sire he yielded powers over me that could bend my will and control me simply by making eye contact. I had fallen victim to his cruel power many times, the last time was when he made me kill Abigal....

Abigal was a human girl who I was stupid enough to befriend. Samuel loathed mortals, and even more loathed me making companions out of them. He sought out the cruelest way to teach me a lesson. He had Abigal killed, using my hands as his weapon.

I try not to go there, as it is I'm hungry and my control is slipping. I slam the car's door shut. I'm about to head home when the wind picks up. A pleasant smell lingers in the air. My ability to identify what it is, is clouded by my hunger. Possum? Deer? Coyote? ...your guess was as good as mine.

I allowed my face to relax into that of a more attractive approachable predator. I listened closer, and waited for the wind to pick up. When it finally did I got another whiff of the aroma. Raw meat of any kind sounded delicious right now. I quietly followed the sent. Hoping to appease my appetite tonight after all.

The End

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