A Car CrashMature

"I smell blood!" Reynard growled.

"Human blood." Rich barked

"No, magic." I corrected.

"Rich, Vixen, go and find out where and what." I bowed my head in respect and led Rich out of the clearing and into the woods. We walked through the trees for about a mile until we came to the main road.

"Up there." Rich pointed through the darkness to the bridge. I ran over to the steps up, and changed into human form to walk up, Rich followed. 

I gasped when I saw, in a smashed up little blue car, was a young girl, of about seventeen of eighteen, wiht blood drying in streaks down her face, and bruises all down her neck. I immediately sprinted to her and forced the door open.

"Rich, go and get help, now! We need Reynard's consent to do anything."

I stayed with her, wiping the blood away from her head and making sure nothing happened.

It was nearly dawn when the pack returned, Rich leading the way next to Reynard.

"Help me lift her, carefully. We should take her to my house, it's closest." I suggested. Reynard nodded and lifted her. Her head lolled round and rested on his arm.

"Rich, go back to the pack, tell them that hunt's over and we'll meet again this evening." Rich did as he was told, while I followed Reynard to my house. I let him in and he laid the girl out of the sofa. Her eyes flickered.

"Wha -where am I?" she whispered.

"You're safe. What's your name?" 

"I-I don't know. What happened."

"You where in a car crash."

"I was trying to get away. I don't know whta from. I just had to keep driving. I crossed the bridge and the car didn't see me." She closed her eyes again. 

Reynard got up to leave, but I garbbed him arm and looked at him pleadingly.

"I don't know what to do!"

"Alright, I'll stay Vixen, but I have to go in an hour."

"Would you like some Coffee?" I smiled.

The End

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