Hidden TruthMature

Chloe is a witch, but something powerful attacked her family home and her mother casted a spell to protect her. She can't remember anything of her life; the story starts of her driving along a road unsure of how she got there but knows that something is wrong. Then as she reaches a town she has to cross a narrow bridge and a car comes crashing into her. Chloe wakes in an unfamiliar home, she meets others with their own secrets and Chloe must find out who she is before the darkness that killed he

I had to get away. Something was coming. But I didn’t know what, every time I tried to think my mind went blank and darkness took its place. So here I was driving along a deserted back road to who knows where, the only light came from the car headlights directing me around the twisted roads. Nothing made sense. Why was I driving? Where was I going? What was coming? The questions bounced around my head, I didn’t even know where I was driving from or how to get back. However, my mind was certain that I had to keep driving and nothing else. The radio in the car didn’t work and look busted as though something a bashed into it so the car was silent. Looking on the back seat I could see a black overall bag and a bright pink draw string sports bag. Strange I couldn’t remember packing; then again I don’t remember getting in the car.

Suddenly, there was a road sign pointing to a service station 3miles away but the name of the place was burled. It seemed like a good idea, there would be people there, lights and it’ll be safe. As I turned into the slip road I let out a breath seeing cars parked and the building beaming with lights. I drove round finding a space but couldn’t get one near the building and carried on driving to the back end of the car park, I drove into the space but something didn’t feel right and was setting the hairs on the back of my stand. Still I cut the engine and lock the hand brake, opened the door to stand up looking around. However, for some strange reason the car was moving backwards.

“What? Oh god.” I scrambled back in the car trying franticly to pull the hand brake up to lock, but it wouldn’t stay in place and lock. In the meantime that dark feeling started to creep over me again making me stop.

“Everything ok there miss?” I gasped turning round see a man standing watching me. “Miss?”

“I’m fine.” I replied showing a fake smile. “I must get going. Thank you.” The man nodded and walked away to the building. Quickly I got in the little blue car shutting the door and to my relief the car started and I drove out back to the road letting out a breath that I was holding in.

I didn’t dare stop again, it started to rain making it harder to see the dark road ahead and I still couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching me. Then I saw a glimmer of lights, a bridge and I could see a road sign. A small smile crept over my lips sensing that I had made it finally. The bridge was narrow, the rain was getting worse and as I slowly started to make my way across I heard another car engine. It wasn’t slowing down.

“STOP!” The car came zooming across the bridge and crashed into my car sending us right to the edge of the bridge. Blackness filled my head again and I felt blood creep down my face as I closed my eyes. “Help.” I choked out.

The End

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