Chapter FourMature

 I sat there in my desk for a while trying to drown out the noise of the guys behind snickering, and the sound of the girls at the front whispering about Danny. I rolled my eyes and kept tapping my leg against the floor, waiting for the period to be over. I blew out a huff of air as I heard my teacher telling us that we had twenty minutes of the class left, i leaned down and picked up my backpack, hoping that i hadn't forgotten to pack my book.

  'YES!'  i thought, i felt my eyes light up as i took it out of my big red backpack. I looked out side one of the windows on the west side of the classroom.  The lush green forest just beyond the schools walls, were calling out to me, pulling me in. Just as i sat there i smelt the evergreen trees and the flowers surrounding thier truncks, i took a deep breath and turned back to the headboard, My teacher was writing down list of books we were going to read over the semester.  First was Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, second was Romeo and Juliet  by William Shakespear, last but not least was Pride and Predjudice  by Jane Austen.

 I looked desk and put my copy of Wuthering Heights back into my bag. i looked over at Danny, his eyes were on my hand, which was on the edge of my desk, almost touching his desk, i moved it and rubbed harshly at the pale skin that covered my hand.

  "Sorry..." Danny told me, i noticed how tender his voice sounded. 
 "It's ok Danny..." i replied to him, though i dont think he noticed that i said it.

 I sighed and started doodeling an anime girl holding a crystal ball. Danny elbowed me, i looked up at him.
 "What Danny?" i questioned him in a snarky voice. 
 "Nice bad though...." he said trying to avoid my eyes.
 "Your making her look like a scared little psychic girl"
 I rolled my eyes and scrapped my picture, of course he was right, her eyes made her look to innocent.

     The class bell rang and i headed on my way to Gym, i have no idea why i sighned up for it but, whatever. When i got changed and sat in the middle of the gym with the rest of the group, my gym teacher came in, he looked like he was around Twenty four, he had light blond hair and pale skin. He smiled at each and every one of the kids but when he got to me, he nodded. I widened my eyes and scooted back, landing in some guys lap.

  I looked behind me, it was a cute brown eyed guy, he had dimples and a very nice jaw line. 
  "Are you ok?" he whispered in my ear.
 I nooded, climing out of his lap. 
 I looked up at the teacher who was waiting for my attention.

 "Hello class, I'm Mr, Collins. But you my call me Damien" he said, look each and every one of us over before going on.
 "Now...i have to go down the class list so that i no everyones names" he said. 'Damien'  looked down at his clip board. 
 In front of me i heard some girls talking about how hot he was, i rolled my eyes and started picking at my untrimmed nails.

  "So how do you like the gym teacher?" the boy who i sat on asked me.
 "He kind of creeps me out, to tell you the truth" i told him. 
 "Yeah me too" he stated with a smile on his face. 
 "Whats your name?" i asked him.
 "Oh!, im Thatcher Collins" he told me, holding out his hand.
 i gulped, "I'm Elijah...umm are you his brother?" i asked Thatcher.
 Thatcher nodded, "Unfortunetly" he replied, picking at the hem of his shorts.
 "Sorry about that" i told him.
 "Oh no problem, i dont like him that much either, by the way he hates me but by the looks of it he already favors you"
 My eyes widened in horror. Thatcher laughed at me in amazment.

 If there was one thing i could say about Thatcher, was that he seemed sweet, unlike his brother.

The End

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