Chapter threeMature

 I looked at Daniel, with my meanest stare that i could do.
 "What" he asked me, his voice hushed.
 i shook my head slowly and turned to the teacher who was explaining to us the importance of paying attention in class. Then she assigned a task / project, it was about the person beside you, they had to tell you what they're interests are, anything they like really. 

 Once she had handed out the papers, with questions on it, i looked at Daniel he had a big grin on his face. 
 "Ok" i huffed, "Daniel tell me about yourself?" I asked him.
 "Well first of all you can call me Danny, and i have a dog Milo, i have a baby sister Jennifer, who i love to make fun of, and i love the movie Pearl Harbour oh and i can speak Italian" He told me proped up on one shoulder.

 "Now tell me about yourself?" Danny asked me.
 I rolled my eyes, "I have a dog, Maxxie i have an older brother how likes to hurt people who hurt me, i love the movie pearl harbor, i want to become a doctor and i love Grey's anatomy and i have a hollywood crush on Ben Affleck" i told him.
 Danny nodded, "Interesting" he murmered. 

 I huffed out a bunch of hot air and tapped my pencil on my note book, frustrated that Danny and i had so much in common.
 "Why are you mad?" he asked me
 "im not mad, just a little frustraited" i told him.
 Danny nodded.

  I wrote down the essy thingy and handed it into the teacher, she was kind of impressed that i had finished it in one whole period, no offence to her but she's gonna think that for the whol year, im kind of fast at writing, even when i dont want to be.

  I sat back down in my desk. i looked around the room, i was trapped with a bunch of idiots, there was only about five girls in the whole class, and that ment that half of the guys in this class could and possibly will like a girl in the other class. I rolled my eyes, half of the guys were already looking at Juliet Hastings, a skinny blond girl who looked like she and a sick shoved up her butt, she was moving constantly and pulling down her too short mini skirt.  i turned to see if Danny was looking at her, no acctually he was looking at me, oddly enough with a hazed over look in his eyes.

 "Danny?" i asked him, waving my hand infront of his face. He grabbed my wrist and squeezed it tightly, "Do not do that again, i'm having a breakthrough in this essay" he told me still with that hazzy look in his perfect brown eyes.

  I quickly looked away and hypothetically slapped myself sor even thinking that, honestly this is when you which you could read peoples mind. well some, others you just kind of hope that they'll keep it to themselves.

 I looked back at Danny, he was laughing as he wrote somthing down, i rolled my eyes hoping that it was nothing stupid.

The End

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