Chapter 2Mature

 I sat down, hoping that he would read my face and see that i needed space, but being the boy he was he sat down beside me and grinned. I smirked, giving him a look that should have frightend him, but didn't. 

   I looked up at the front of the class, my teacher, Mrs, lopper was standing there looking at the back of the class, then she opened her mouth, what came out was a surprise.
 "Now if your going to act like that the whole year i might just seat all of you, who are at the back, at the front, so i can keep and extra close eye on you" she said, her high voice explaining, to the kids at the back of the classroom.

 I watched as she picked up the attendence, starting with the first fifteen names, then came obnoxtious boy.
"Daniel Heartly?" mrs. Looper asked,
 The boy beside me raised his hand, "Heartly?" i whispered, Daniel nodded. 

   My teacher finnished with the attendence, i raised my hand, thinking why would she not say my name?. 
 "Yes?" she asked me, tilting her glasses down the arch of her nose.
 "Um...Mrs. Lopper you forgot me" i told her,
 "Oh!...whats your name?"
 "Elijah Blackheart" i told her,
 "Hmm..." she said as she scanned the list of children on the attendence, "Oh! there you are!"

 "Blackheart?" Daniel asked,  though it was more of a statement.
 I grinned knowing what was going to happen next.
 "Wow, never met a girl with a black heart until now" he siad fazed.

 If he didn't watch what he was saying, sooner or later he's going to get hurt, and when i mean hurt...i mean hurt by me.

The End

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