Hidden SecretsMature

                                    Chapter One

 I stepped out of the car, just as my father drove away from the curb. i looked at the school, its red brick shining underneath the sun, i had to squint to even look at the name. James Thatcher Secondary School, nice looking school, good curba appeal, but terrable name.

 Just then i got nudged somthing big and hard but soft at the same time. i looked as the figure passed me, it was a boy, he looked around my age with dark brown hair and big brown eyes, he was probubly 6"4. i looked at him watching his eyes as they analyzed me, the analyzing stopped when he got to my chest, i saw his eyes, in them it looked like he had a near hunger in his eyes, that was wanting so deperitly to come out.  Finnaly he looked at my face, and he looked into my eyes, i looked in his, all of a sudden there was no hunger only dicgreet passion.

   I just let the incident roll off my shoulders as i walked throught the big glass doors, i stood there in the entry way, looking at my schedule. Ok first class room one hundred and eleven, my lucky number. When i got to my class (which by the way is on the second floor), there was a line, i went to the front to see what was the hold up, but there acctually wasn't any. i looked in the pale grey classroom, no one...humm....i looked at the door, on its glass pane there was a note. ' please line up infront of the classroom if your in grade 10-1, and DO NOT go into the classroom, without permission or, if i am there' i read it again, the teacher had very neat handrighting, very readable.

 i slowly walked to the back of the line. i just ended up running into somthing, tall and muscular, i looked up to see the jerk from the front of the school, the one who looked at my "Rack" before looking at my eyes. I rolled my eyes and whished that i had been put in the other grade ten class.

  The guy looked down at me, i looked up at him, with a sarcastic grin on my face. 
 "So your in this class?" the guy asked me. i rolled me eyes again, i had be doing that alot today.
 "No Duh!" i said, hitting my head, (not hard though) 
 The guy chuckled and peeked down my top.
 "Oh i do hope you stop looking down my top, because i can sue you for harrasment" i told him.
 The guy gave me a look, "You really don't know who i am do you?" he asked me.
 "No" i said with the hint of a laugh in my voice. "Your hitlers son or somthing?" i stated sarcasticlly.
 all jokes went away from his face, "No acctually" he said leaning on a locker and falling. 
 I laughed,
 he proped himself up again, "So i make you laugh?" this time it wasnt really a queastion, this was more like a statement. 
 i made all jokingness drown away form my face and made it serious, "No" i told him. then i went and followed the rest of my peers into our classroom. 

 What the heck, he was one of the most obnocktious people in the world!, and why did he make it his priorety to look down my top and then tottally get me off the subject!.

 God help him if he has to sit next to me....

The End

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