Chapter Four: Rule Three - Fight WiselyMature

~~~Josh's POV~~~

I watched as Angel fed the small fox cub from a baby bottle filled with milk. It's small paws pushing on it, treating it as if it was its mothers belly. Suddenly, the footsteps on frozen grass broke me from Elodia and I turned to see Devin with nothing besides his dagger and guns.

"We need to head to River-Dock to get the supplies, theres nothing, but animals that are too sick to eat..." Devil muttered.

"Got it Josh, you heard of the 'OutWallers On The Docks'?" Angel asked as she turned to look towards me, her grey eyes looking at me with intrest.

"Yeah, when the gaurds would go off an patrol, sometimes they would return with gashes as long as thier pistols. They kept muttering that saying, but they still got supplies." I replied.

"Yeah, River-Dock doesn't take kindly to wallers..." Devil said.

"I call bullshit... They don't take kindly to me." Angel muttered.

"Really? What did you do?" I asked.

"Well..." Angel glanced back at Devil.

"Let's just rest. It's half a days walk to get over there." Devil sighed.

"Sounds like a plan." I agreed. I was pretty tired, so of course I wanted to sleep.

Angel stood up, and placed the small fox cub down, so she could pack.

"Where are you off to?" Devil asked.

"If its half a days walk, we should start... We get there by morning so we can snatch the supplies before Waller gaurds get theirs." Angel explained as she picked up the fox cub, "Turi... That's it, you're now Turi!" Angel smiled.

"What about the infec-" I was cut off by Devil.

"Most are blind, so we won't have much problems, unless we make a ton of noise." Devil explained, I guessed he sided with Angel.

"Most?" I asked, a bit frightened.

"Some evolved... Sorta, some can see really well, but can't hear. Some can see and hear. They are evolving as their levels grow." Angel explained, "Before you ask, levels are the certain percentages that determines mutations. And more importantly, you are a level immune, meaning half-Infectite." Angel sighed, looking at her wrists and I noticed something that I never saw before. I saw small scratches, though she wasn't looking at them. She was looking at the jagged scar from a bite.

"There are full-immunes, but half of them are in the walls, getting tested on." Devil added.


~~~Devin's POV~~~

We arrived at the scared docks. Elodia grinned as she and Josh talked. Apparently, he went to our school, after transferring out of our rival school. Another reason to hate this waller.

"So, you were a cheerleader?" Josh asked, looking at Elodia up and down.

"For like a month, I quit... Fucking bitches, all they want is sex, sex, head-stuck-in-his-ass boyfriends, dicks, and attention." Elodia rolled her eyes, "I wasn't much of a short-skirt anyways."

I chuckled, "Had to admit, never really liked seeing your ass."

"Says the chico who dated one of those chicks." Elodia retorted back.

"This is River-Dock?" Josh asked, he clearly didn't want to see this argument go down.

"Yeah... Wait 'till you get inside, its pretty cool." Elodia nodded as she walked across the broken dock.

I followed after, carefully choosing the planks. Josh followed next, watching his feet.

About five minutes of walking, we were in. I grinned as I saw other people walking around. Half of them are from other raid groups, so we all knew eachother. There were three levels, the top level was housing, the other two were supplies and shops. Elodia ran right to the bar, sighing, I shook my head.

"Josh, you go follow, I'll get the waller supplies." I watched as Josh walked off, getting distracted by the things here.

I walked towards the gun shop and grinned at the worker, a man who I met on the last two raids, Ano.

"The Devil Of The Outwalls... What brings you here?" Ano asked.

"You already know..." I tapped my gun on the broken counter.

"Sorry, you got no waller id." Ano grumbled, as he walked  into the back.

"I think the gun is good enough id... Hurry this up, Angel is at the Track Bar... chances are picking a fight," I sighed.

~~~Elodia's POV~~~

I grinned as I saw the entrance to the Track Bar. Like everything outside the walls, was handbuilt. I mean, yeah, it might take forever to build a whole living area for groups, but when we work together, it takes a few weeks.

Josh was right behind me as we entered, he seemed frightend at the sight of other guys with ragged clothing.

"Just don't piss 'em off and you'll live." I giggled as I sat down, "Usual please!" I called to the bartender.

"Infectites have been getting closer and closer, what's a girl like you doing out here..." A raider from another camp asked me.

"I ain't a helpless chica... But, lets say I was... I got a guy to protect me." I stated, all level-immunes have some infectite sense, I had the first two level Infectites, hearing and sight. So, I was able to pick out Devins shoes, he had metal on the soles, since his infecite sense was the immense strength.

Out of the corner of my eye, Devin was there at a corner table, playing poker.

"Well, clearly he doesn't care for ya, seeing that you're all alone. And what are you looking at." The man snarled at Josh.

"Um..." Josh quickly looked towards me, waiting for me to do something. And that was when hell broke loose.

~~~Joshs POV~~~

"Waller..." The man snarled.

Crap! The zone band! I quickly backed away, trying to get space between the man and I.

"Whats a waller doing here? Wanted to leave the wonderful life?" Another man mocked.

"Bet he is here to take our supplies..." The first man growled.

"N-No!" I tensed as I felt a wooden plank hit my back, Crap... A wall.

Slowly, one by one, all of the raiders in the bar surrounded me.

"Lets teach this waller to stay within his lands..." One snarled.

The first one was just about to slash my stomach with a knife when a chain wrapped around his own stomach and was yanked back

There Angel stood, behind the fallen man, a chain wrapped around her wrists.

"¡Qué lástima! You ruined the fun..." Angel mumbled.

Suddenly, the men were on her, I quickly went to hide behind the bar counter. I listened to the grunts of men getting hit. The fight lasted for no more than thirty minutes.

A figure was slammed against the wall behind me, chances are Angel did that. Slowly, I peaked my head up to see Devil flip one last figure onto a table.

"There we go..." Angel giggled.

"Come on out waller..." Devil grumbled.

Sighing with relief, I appeared out from behind the bar counter, and was surprised to see the bartender whistiling.

"The Devil and Angel of the Outwalls... What a sight as always." The bartender sighed.

"Sorry for the mess, Chris." Devil smirked, "Least we got rid of the trash."

"Um..." I was at a loss for words.

"Better get the waller boy out of here... The gaurds are here." Chris mentioned.

"Lets go." Devil ordered and both Angel and I nodded.

As we walked out of the now trashed bar, Angel quickly turn and jumped of the edge, below was fridged waters.

I quickly ran to the edge and found Angel hanging onto a ledge, climbing up.

"What was that!" I harshly whispered to the girl.

"Picking a fight... They will follow us back to camp if we don't knock 'em out." Angel said as she contuined to climb up to the third level.

I was shoved against the wall by Devil.

"GAH!" I gagged, his arm was right on my neck, slowly putting pressure on it.

"Look here waller..." Devil snarled, "I'm going to give you a gun and you are only going to shoot their arms... Angel will be killing some with the dagger chain of hers. We are a distraction... You watched Angels back as we head out. Hope you're good at running." Devil smirked as he stepped away and took off onto a platform.

Sighing, I looked at the gun that he placed in my hands... Do they always pick fights like this?

I crouched down and looked to see where Angel was. She had about five gaurds on her, she was running towards the dock entrance, using the chain to slow them down. I quickly ran after, shooting a single waller in the arm.

We ended up back at the broken town, Devil managed to get three out of five gaurds away from Angel. He was ahead.

I crouched behind a broken car and watched as a dagger with a chain attached ran right through one of the two gaurds stomach. It was quickly torn out.

I slowly brought up the gun, but dropped it as soon as I recognized the gaurd. And he was out of range of the chain...

Rule #3 - Better pick fights wisely. An uneven fight could mean the end of you.

The End

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