Chapter Three - Rule One: Understand Your SurroundingsMature

~~Elodia's POV~~

"Joder!" I cursed as the small contraption that I was just about to finish working on began to smoke.

"Uh oh..." I quickly ducked under my table as it blew up, "There goes number fifty-six," I sighed as I grabbed my gloves and placed the now ruined contraption in the scraps box.

"Angel?" I heard the scraping of shoes on dirt and turned to see Josh.

"What is it Joshie?" I asked brushing my hands off on my now runied jeans.

"Mrs. Cally was wondering if you have any new puzzle boxes,"

"To your left, look five shevles up, then two right. New puzzle boxes are there," I instructed as I began to pull out metal and wire.

"Got it!" Josh nodded before reaching up to grab a puzzle box.

"So, how you like the camp?" I asked as I began to get my supplies ready to create another little contraption.

"It's interesting, I got lost when I was trying to find your station." Josh replied.

"Hm, well when you get the puzzle boxes to Cally. Theres a station past the bar with better clothes. With the clothes that you have now, if we send you on a supply run, you're gonna be dead within seconds. A moving green dot is asking to be sniped," I joked and tossed him two bags,"Caps and little things that can be traded, example would be wires and metal,"

"Oh, um thanks..." Josh replied as he walked out.

"Tell Cally, that she still owes me fifty caps!" I yelled after him.

~~Josh's POV~~

I walked back to the fire pit where all of the elderly are at.

"Mrs. Cally, here are the puzzle boxes," I said as I handed the old woman the puzzle boxes.

"Thank you! And finally a waller who was taken in and actually gave respect!" Cally reached down for a bag and took out some caps, "Here, some caps for you boy,"

"Give fifty to Angel," I said as I took half.

"Alright..." Cally rolled her eyes before starting onto the puzzles boxes.

"Well, I'm going to take a walk," I mentioned, "Need better clothes apparently..."

~~~Devin's POV~~~

Sighing, I ended up back at the rusted broken traincars, throwing daggers at the infecite torn clothes of the dummy.

Listening to the death-like silence in the traincar, to the short swish as the dagger flew through the air. And the clank of the metal against metal as the dagger hit the floor of the car. I was completely alone, without the noise of the camp, of the yelling of the small children, of the wallers, and from the noise of the banshe-screams of the infecites getting disceted. The traincars were no more than a thirty minute walk from the back of camp. I, of course, spend most of my nights here, throwing daggers and such. It really makes you think about how much has happend over the course of a year.

Just to think about what has happened during when everything went downhill. First, clinics all over, having way too many patients. Military running all over, murdering those who were presumed infected. A rose red painting the streets lit by the setting sun.

Sighing, I decided that it was time for another hunt. After the massive earthquake, left a scar through my home state, have let animals roam free. Deers roaming the now cracked streets. But, even the animals contained the virus. You had to look at the way they act to see how sick.

"Dev..." A voice called out, breaking the silence.

I turned around to see Elodia and Josh, Elodia wearing that torn light gray hooded jacket of hers. Josh wearing a black jacket.

"What?" I asked, as I noticed the brown bag over Elodia's shoulder.

"Josh wants to know how to survive out here, case we ditch him." Elodia explained.

"I didn't say that, I just want to know, you know in case I get lost or something..." Josh said.

Sighing, I went to collect my bag, "Well... We can hunt as well. The supply shack is low on food."

"Great! Let us head to the great white sea!" Elodia grinned and began to run off.

"Um..." Josh, of course, was at a loss for words seeing how Elodia can dissapear so quickly in the blank zone.

"We should follow her, if we let her get to ahead, we're gonna end up. using the sled dogs."

~~~Josh's POV~~~

We walked for two hours, with no sign of anything.

"We should take a rest." Angel mentioned as we reached a small broken town.

"Yeah, There's a convience store near by, we can house there." Devil nodded.

We walked for a few more minutes to arrive at the torn store. The dull green sign, saying 'Wilsons Convience', told me of what it held.

Devil and I entered, but Angel didn't follow. Therr she stood staring at the rubble of a bus.

"Angel, somethings up?" Devil asked.

Angel didn't answer, instead she walked forward.

"Angel?" I said, pretty worried for what she saw.

She continued on, Devil and I had to follow and we both heard the whimper of an animal.

I stepped next to Angel, and I wish that I hadn't. For there, under the wheel of the torn bus was a fox, dead, but what made it worse was that there were cubs around the carcass. I took a step back.

"Not even a year and they're dead." Angel commented.

"Come on," Devils voice called out, "It was a rat that you heard."

I turned around and glanced back to see Angel kneeling down, she took out a shirt that she brought with her and picked up one of the fox cubs.

"It's dead isn't it?" I asked.

"He may be the runt, but he's still alive. How I know, he was nuzzling his head against his mothers stomach." Angel held the fox cub close to her.

"Angel, you can't save every little thing," Devil sighed.

"We are NOT those wallers. To them, anything weak cannot live. We have young kids that know how to shoot a gun, no less than five! We aren't selfish. Everyone deserves a chance! No matter how weak they are!" Angel snapped.

"Angel..." I started, she was talking about my home, not every waller is like that.

"Let's just get inside, the snow is getting thick. There's a blizzard soon" Angel ignored me and walked right through the jagged glass doors of the store.

Rule #2- Know Your Surroundings, you never what you'll find.

The End

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