Chapter Two - Rule One: Group Or AloneMature

OutWaller(s) (Adj): Those who live outside the walls and prefer to survive solo, yet some survive in groups.

~~Elodia's POV~~

"Fuck... its freezing!" I heard William mumble.

I spun around to face him, "Look, you choose to live outside the walls... So you gotta pay the price. We have to live out here heat, rain, and cold. I have been raised how to survive out here and I'm teaching you," I snapped.

"Sorry..." William apologized.

"Elodia... a word," Devin called.

"Shit." I cursed under my breath, Devin only used my real name when he is pissed or wants to annoy me, and it wasn't the second option. Sighing, I followed Devin to the broken down house.

"Your idea almost got us killed!" Devin growled.

"You know my ideas, Dev! Of course, we would end up injured or dead! YOU went along with it," I snapped.

Devin sighs, he keeps forgetting that I would use that exact answer everytime after one of my elaborate ideas, "Well..." He was silent for a bit.

I also noticed that he wasn't as pissed as I thought he was. It actually kinda scared me.

"Well, how about we use my ideas until yours stops getting us almost killed," Devin sighed. His red eyes turned a bit lighter.

I always keep forgetting about those red eyes, I tend to get lost in them at times, while mine are truly grey. I remember my friends telling that most guys like him are typically the seme, what ever the fuck that means. Yet, I can't help, but think of his rough hands on my waist, him breathing on the back of my neck, forcing me onto the be- Wait, the fuck am I thinking! You two are fire and ice! Stop thinking about sleeping with him.

"Angel..." I heard Devin call. Shit, while I was day dreaming, a herd of infecites were running towards us.

~~Josh's POV~~ (Note: Josh only knows their nicknames, at this point)

I sighed, yet again I was lost. I was previously running from some raiders, who of which I lost. I've been out here a week now and still have yet to find decent people.

"Great..." I mumbled as I looked through my bag to see if there was some kind of weapon that I can use. Sadly, there was none. I figured at least a stick would be useful, but how will that help me against guns, if I come across any outwallers.

Sighing, I walked off. Trying to find easy to walk paths among the rubble of the town. That was until I heard voices, both I recognized and whose name I learned from the old man.

"William and Drake went back to camp, we have to get more supplies since we lost most back when the infectites ambushed us," I figured that was Angel, seeing how the voice sounded feminine.

"Yeah, yeah... At least we're alone... From those two idiots..." I figured that was Devil.

"Hey, they're trying their best, Devil," Angel mentioned.

"Yeah... If only if they didn't keep getting caught. They are not allowed on any raid trips and hunts for two weeks..." Devil ordered.

"Like the elderly would want their help.... Didn't those two set fire to the store when they were told to help," Angel sighed.

"So, then they do nothing..."

"But, they'll complain and bother everyone,"

"Fuck... Then I have no clue what to do with them!" Devil snapped.

Slowly, I began moving back, only to fall backwards onto a pile of sticks, breaking under my weight.

"Tch... Waller..." I looked up to see Devil's annoyed face.

~~Devin's POV~~

I looked down at the light brown haired teen, looks about sixteen... like me.

"Let the waller live, I wanna see how long he survives..." Elodia chuckled treating the waller as if he was some sort of lab rat.

"Um..." The waller wad staring at Elodia.

"Do you mind?" I snarled rasing my dagger at him. It's not like I cared if anyone stared at Elodia, but a waller and outwaller do not mix, creates more tension.

"Oh, s-sorry. Didn't mean to stare at your girlfriend," The waller whimpered as I pulled him up by the arm.

"What! Me and that hound? HA! I already... dislike you, We aren't noviá y novió..." Elodia snapped, her spanish accent showing.

"S-sorry!" The waller apologized.

"Tch, what's your name?" I asked.

"J-Josh Wenkert, Zone L level five..." The wallet, Josh, replied, now scared.

"Well, Josh... seeing how Angel here treats you like a lab rat, come with us. Do not question anything, and if you dare to tell your...kind where we are located, you are begin fed to the wolves we have back at camp..." I snarled and began to walk off.

I watched as Josh nodded, cleary wanting to live. Sighing, I noticed how Elodia was walking a bit closer then usual.

"He's... different, his zone band color is purple, not blue... He's immune like us..." Elodia whispered.

"Great... so we gotta watch his ass? I was hoping to feed him to the dogs and send what ever is left to the kings behind those walls." I chuckled darkly, only to get a playful smack on my shoulder from Elodia.

"Hey... don't take my ideas... I was gonna do the same, 'cept with infecites. But, yes... we gotta watch his ass," Elodia giggled.

Man, after all this shit, she still manages to bring smiles. I thought as I shot a smirk at her, If anyone dares to touch her in the wrong way, they are de- What the fuck! I'm treating her like she is my everything, maybe the guys are right... maybe I do have at least somesort of feelings towards her...

"Hello? Earth to Dev? DEVIL!" I was broken from my thoughts as Elodia yelled.

"What!" I snapped.

"We're here, Josh was escorted in by the elderly. I'm starting him off with them." Elodia said.

"Oh... I guess we're alone again..." I sighed, after what I was thinking, can't help how weak Elodia looks against me.

"We can spar. It won't hurt to practice a bit," She offered, her eyes glinting mischievously.


~~~Timeskip and Elodia's POV~~~

We entered the broken traincart, ready to spar.

"Hey! Wait up!" I heard two voices call out. I turned around to see Josh and Blake running up.

"Tch, for once I thought that we would really be alone," Devin mumbled.

"Aw, it can't hurt to show the wallers a couple moves," I smiled softly.

I swear I could have heard Devin mutter, They're just wallers... Blake is fine, but the other one should back off.

"Dev..." I started, looking towards Devin.

"Come on Devil! Elodia is fine with it! Come on! I will tell her that you-" Blake was cut off..

"BLAKE!" Devin snarled.

"Dev..." I begged.

"Fine... Let's spar..." Devin mumbled as he reached for one of the poles that we have stacked on the side.

I reached for one as well, and began to walk to one end of the traincart.

"Ready...." Blake started, Man, he really needs to wash his hair, I swear to god that it was blonde. I thought.

"SPAR!" On instant I ran through one side of the traincart as Devin ran at me.

He swung his pole at my legs as in an attempt to stop me, but I used it to my advantage and pole valuted over him and swung my leg at his back hoping to get him down.

That was when I was slammed against the floor, Devin grabbed my leg last minute and pinned me on the ground. Devin smirked knowing that he won.

"Fuck off..." I mumbled, everytime we spar, I always end up messing up one way or another.

"Dev wins!" Blake exclaimed.

"No other rounds?" Josh asked.

"No, I think my leg got badly scratched when I pole valuted over Dev..." I mumbled as  Devin helped me up.

"Get to the medic and see what they can do," Devin said.

"Yeah, Yeah, See ya!" I smiled as I ran off yelling for Becca.

~~Josh's POV~~

We watched as Angel ran off yelling for someone named Becca.

"Who's Becca?" I asked turning towards Blake, seeing that Devin seemed annoyed.

"She's one of the medics, and by the way she is yelling, Becca is going to get a heart attack." Blake chuckled.

"Let's head to the Track Bar, I need a drink..." Devil said as he walked off.

"Yeah. I did introduce you to mostly everyone, theres two more that you need to meet and that is at Track Bar!" Blake exclaimed and ran off with me following.

As we entered the Track Bar, I noticed Angel talking with two girls, who appeared to be twins.

One had the tips of her hair dyed blue and the other green, the rest was a chestnut brown.

"Ali, Ala! Usual!" Devil ordered as he sat next to Angel.

"Yeah! Ala, go get it. I got the other two." The girl with the blue tipped hair smiled, whom I assumed to be Ali.

"Got it!" Ala replied.

"So, what did Becca say?" Blake asked.

"Becca smacked me because I was yelling her name too much and she was in the middle of a dicestion of a infecite dog... SHE HAD HER WHOLE FUCKING KIT WITH HER! She would had killed me if I didn't belong here.." Angel muttered.

"She's deadly?" I asked, worried for my safety if I ever got injured.

"Very.." Ala said as she returned with Devil's drink, it appeared to be a strong alcohol. Looking over at Angel she had a glass of tequila.

"Aren't you both sixteen?" I asked.

"Tch... Dev is sixteen, I'm a year younger and you still got those drinking laws inside the walls, eh? Well Joshie, out here we got no laws to go by... Dog eat dog world outside the walls," Angel rolled her eyes, "Oi! Can I get some more Tequila please... A certian pinche gringo keeps taking my glass,"

"Sit down boy, look at the shelf for what you want and let one of us bar workers know, and god damn it, Dev! Stop stealing Angels drink, we'll get you a bottle! I swear its like babysitting three-year-olds!" Ali snapped.

Sighing, I sat down on the other side of Angel.

"México Original?" Ali asked Angel.

"You know me so well!" Angel commented.

"We know, anyways what you want to drink... er... Name?" Ala asked.

"Josh," I replied, "Yeah, just some orange juice..."

Angel started coughing.

"You okay?" I asked.

"You surprised her, last time she drank the orange juice, she got ill... It gone bad," Blake started, "Which is why I want some of Ala's famous beer!"

"Yeah yeah, Cassonova, I got it..." Ala sighed as she slid a beer at Blake.

"Um... I guess I'll have some beer too, got anything not strong?" I asked.

"Typical waller, asking for not strong, didn't ya hear the princess here? No laws, you get whatever with no one to stop ya... Besides the elderly... I swear that old man Chris gotta stop hitting me everytime he sees me with a bottle." Devil grumbled.

"Oh..." I said, and looked at the beer placed infront of me.

"Call me that pet name one more time and see what happens, Devi-Boo..." Angel chuckled.


"Handsome Bastard,"

"You meant that?"

"Yeah... the bastard part at least," Angel grinned.

"Guess who is getting snow in their bed tonight,"

As Devil and Angel argue back and forth, I took the time to ask questions.

"So, Blake where's your zone band?" I asked.

"Oh, It broke off.."

"But, those are unbreakable, how?"

"Running away from some waller gaurds, ended up in a herd of infecites and ran faster. The band got caught on a broken pipe and it just broke." Blake explained.

"Oh... Ali, Ala, how did you two end up here?" I questioned the two twins.

"We worked at the gas station part time, then hell broke loose. We thought about joining our peers at the walls, but we knew Angel wouldn't go, she was taught how to survive thanks to her dad. May his soul rest..." Ala said.

"We ended up finding her and Devil when we went to the gas station to grab some supplies we hid just incase." Ali smiled.

"I'm off to my station to rewire some stuff, Bye!" Angel waved as she tossed some caps onto the counter.

"Oí! Ten off ya bastard!" Ali snapped at Angel as she ran off.

"I'm off too, told Richie that I'll try out the new daggers he made." Devil smirked as he paid double than Angel, "Tip and for the drinks I snatched," And with that he's gone.

"Yeah, come on Josh, lets see if any of those old koots want anything. Put our drinks on my tab, Ala!" Blake said as he and I walked out.

"Blake and erm... Josh was it? Get your rear-ends over here!" An elderly woman snapped.

"What you need, Miss...." I trailed off.

"MRS! Cally..." The woman grumbled.

"What is it , Mrs. Cally?" Blake asked.

"I need one of you two to see if Angel is done with any more of those puzzle boxes, the young ones love it when we put sweets in there," Cally said.

"Josh, you go. Angels station is next to the weapon shack, not to hard to miss that fucking puzzle sign that she has," Blake gesterured to the large clearing flooding with people.

"Um, got it," I nodded before walking off.

Rules Outside the walls.

#1- Either you stay alone, or run with a group.

The End

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