Chapter One - Surviving ChanceMature

Waller(s) (Adj) : To describe those who survive behind the safety of the walls and gates.

Infectite(s) (Noun) : Zombies or Mutants

Zone Band(s) (Noun) : Wallers wear these bands on their wrists to show which zone of the walls they are from.

~~Elodia's POV~~

I glanced towards my 'friend' Devin, also known as Devil, the dark brown haired teen. He was leaned up against the store wall.

We were notified that two of the people we sent out to raid the walled off areas have not returned. Devin and I headed out, seeing that we have done this many times.

"How hard is it to steal from cattle? These wallers can't even shoot a can!" I muttered.

"Angel... Shush, gaurds are patrolling by right now. Send it out..." Devin whispered towards me.

"It has a name you know..." I snapped as I took my small pet bat, Neno and sent him out to see how many gaurds.

"Shut up!" Devin whispered again.

Neno returned and tapped his nose against my hand twice.

"Two, we can take them..." I got up and made my way towards the alleyway entrance and leaned against the wall next to Devin.

"Alright... Ready... Three... Two... One!"

~~Josh's POV~~

Its early morning and I have just left my apartment in Zone F, Room 10G.

"Two gaurds found dead. One had stab wounds, the other died from punches and kicks..." A man mentioned as he read the flyer.

"What do you happened?" I asked.

"Well, clearly no infected... The walled off areas that we live in are pretty safe. So, all I can think of are of those raiders... They come in every night and steal supplies from us!" The man muttered.

I reached over and grabed the same flyer and read it, "Well, I think they caught the suspects... Two young boys age of ten..." I was shocked to see that kids have been surviving outside of the walls.

"Are you sure?"


I shook my head and waved goodbye, there was something going on and I didn't want to miss it.

By the time I arrived, there was a crowd, but I noticed two figures who weren't wearing their Zone bands. They both were wearing hoodies and bandanas. Before I could say something the event was starting.

"We thank you all for joining us for the exucution of these two... raiders." A man spoke as he walked onto the stage with the two young boys schackled, following. One of them had light brown hair and wore a red patch on his jacket. The other had a darker shade of brown hair and wore no patch on his jacket.

What! Is he is really going to kill children? I thought, I glanced towards the two figures to see one of them missing, Wheres the other one?

"These two were caught stealing our supplies for their selfish needs." The man spoke again, "For this, they must be exucuted, but that is not the only reason for them to be killed. We have also caught them planting handmade bombs around the armoury."

The man raised his hand and two guards came out and aimed their guns at the two boys heads.

The man proceeded to lower his hand, but was stopped as a rope looped around his wrist and was stopped.

"Planting bombs at the armory? Devil and I have taught you better than that... You take what the group needs then you leave. Have you two forgotten the rule?" A voice called out.

I noticed the other figure began to walk up and aimed a gun at the two gaurds behind the boys.

Everyone was frozen in fear from the unknown figure. No one dared to get the other gaurds.

"Killing children? What if they were from these walls? Would you still kill them? This world is cruel to children..." The figure lowered the gun and shot the chains connecting the two boys.

Quickly, both of the boys dropped down and tripped the two men that behind them. Both threw a knife at the two gaurds necks.

"Some gaurds... Got knocked down by two kids... Wow..." The same voice called out. The owner of the voice appeared behind the man. The hood of the figure fell off showing long dark brown hair.

"Wallers sure know how to treat guests... We had front row seats to another 'guest' getting a wonderful massage from a gaurd." The light brown hair boy spoke as he walked toward the long haired figure.

"In front of children? Tsk Tsk Mr. Lakesmen... Just like you all, we are trying to survive. Especially, this winter... blizzards will be blocking our normal routes. So..." The long-haired figure paused.

"We'll be taking some supplies... without the hassle. Unlike you, we don't traumatize the children..." The still-hooded figure finished as the other kid gets up and grabs the bag.

The two figures and the kids sprint off.

I stood there as everyone began to talk, still shocked on how fast that happened.

More gaurds came up and asked where the figures went.

"They're long gone... Devil and Angel are pretty fast... They each wear clothes to match the area. Not exact camo, but they are hard to spot." An old man answered.

"We will find them, and kill them on the spot." One gaurd growled.

The old man laughed, "You know nothing of the Infectites... You don't even have a surviving chance. I saw those two

boys took down those gaurds, no fear of getting shot... They brought knives onto their necks faster then a bullet can hit them."

"But... still-" The old man cut the gaurd off.

"You will die, they know what times infectites come out, they know how to hide. In the white snow, you all stand out... You'll be shooting nonsese bringing more trouble your way..." The old man shook his head, "Let them go... We have kids and so do they..."

All the gaurds stood there silent before walking off.

"Hmph, going after them is just gonna get them killed... by other things besides infectites." The old man sighed.

"Like what?" I asked, now curious.

"By Devil and Angel... I met those two when I was a guard about two months back, those two sure did put a number on my patrol group. They were fast, even used the infectites against us by leading them." The old man sighed, "They were nice to me, only because I was the only one in my patrol group that was elderly. They even brought my patrol food and lead us to their homebase... We were blindfolded, so when we headed back, we couldn't tell where their homebase was."

"What was it like?" I asked.

"Ah, well they had plenty of kids and elderly... they were eating, the rest were chatting away. I remember asking Ashe, 'why aren't you all eating?' And she replied with a Angel smile on her face when she answered me, 'Unlike you wallers, we make sure the elderly and the children and soon-to-be mothers eat before all of us. They need it more then we do. We just get the food, we eat last. But once in a while the elderly and kids would hand us a bit of their food to thank us...' " The old man smiled.

"So, the raiders aren't as bad as we think?" I questioned.

"Yup, they're nice folks. They aren't as selfish as we are..." The old man answered and looked towards me, "If you ever decide to head out, tell the two bickering teens, Devil and Angel, that an old man gives them thanks."

I nodded before walking off back to my room. As I got there, I began to think about if its easier out there then it is in the walls.

Tomorrow, I thought, I'll go out... And see for myself what its like...

The End

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