An apocalyptic world, where three unlikely teens meet and become an odd trio among the rest of the survivors. One of which has little knowledge of how to survive outside of the gates he hides behind. Another has had her family killed right before her. The last one's past is unknown... Within this world of infected and hazardous weather. It is unknown of what's to come of the three friends (Story Told In Three POV's)

~~Josh's Past~~

"Boy, take this to the medicine department over in 4th Street!" An elderly man yelled.

A boy with brown hair and green eyes got up from his spot on the wall and walked towards the elder grabbing the box from him.

"Dr. Drakes office?" The boy asked.

"Yeah! He ordered some new gauzes and needles!" The elder nodded.

"Got it."

"Oh and Josh... You have the rest of the day off." The elder spoke before going back to check the staock.

"Got it." Josh replied as he walked out and down the streets, "1st street... 2nd street... 3 street..." Josh slowed down to a stop at the opening of 4th street.

"GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Josh quickly turned around to see army men running right through. He ran off to the side and contuined walking, hoping that it was just a drill.

"Morning Joshua!" The clerk greeted as Josh walked through the doors.

"Morning, got a delivery... And can I ask you something?" Josh asked as he handed the box to the clerk.

"If its about the army men, I have no clue, for they have been acting like that since the start of this week. Did you know they closed down 5th street? It's completly blocked off, anyone in there has been through many screenings at their medic clinic..." The clerk sighed, "I don't like it... Anyways off you go, Joshua!"

"Um, okay... See ya." Josh walked back out just in time to see people running.

"BLOCK OFF ALL OF THE EXITS OF THIS STREET NOW!" Josh glanced over to a general and instantly took off running.

After quiet a few blocks, he made it past the army men as they were pushing the fence to block the street.

He turned around just in time to see a child begin carried away from her mother by a private.

"MOMMY!" The child yelled as the fence was locked shut.

"No! Please let me through!" The mother cried through the fence.

"Sorry Ma'am, I truly do wish we can help, but we cannot risk the virus reaching any further..." The private said.

"Virus?" Josh asked.

"Something is happening and this virus causes the host to-" The private was cut off by the scream of the mother.

Josh looked towards the mother and saw someone attacking her, tearing her apart.

"MOMMY! NO!" The child cried once more as the Private ran off with the child, while another Private shot the person and the mother right in their heads.

"What is going on?" Josh asked himself.

~~~~Elodia's Past~~~~

"Big Sissy! Come on!" Two younger twins laughed as they ran through the backyard.

"Alright, Alright..." The teen girl with dark brown hair shook her head as she chased her two younger siblings.

They ran through the small forest, stoping at the small waterfall, just a ten minute walk away from the house.

"Big sissy, is Mommy going to go be with Daddy?" The younger twin, Brooke asked.

"Yeah, is she?" The other twin, Nicky asked.

The older, Elodia, was surprised that her two younger siblings still thought that the way how their father passed was by a  bad heart, when it was the unknown virus that has caused him to attack Elodia while they were practing with guns at close range, causing her to shoot him.

"Y-Yeah, madre is very sick, and remember the doctors didn't arrive in time to help padre..." Elodia explained slowly.

"Well... we still have big sissy!" Brooke smiled.

"Yeah... you do, I'm going to grab snacks. Stay here, and remember if you see anyone who seems dangerous or if you don't know them, hide in the cave behind the waterfall and grab the guns." Elodia began to walk off as the two twins nodded.

As Elodia walked to the house, she noticed three cars, along with men walking towards the house of which she did not recognize.

"Shit..." Elodia cursed and quietly ran to the blackberry bush to grab the gun she hide just incase. She began to make her way to the other side of the house, and leaned just below her mothers bedroom window. She peeked in to see if her mother was awake, only to see the men barge right through alarming the her mom.

"Get away..." Her mother snapped.

"Now, now... All we want is Elodia." One of the men spoke, he was wearing a rattlesnake necklace.

What? What do they want with me? And how do they know my name... no, don't think, just get ready to shoot. Elodia thought, Ashlyn is her foster name and has grown used to it.

"Keep away from her... I may be weak, but I can shoot a bullet at all of your dicks if I wanted to..." Her mom threatend, only for it to not be taken seriously as she began to have a coughing fit.

"I noticed that you have barriers on your door... And judging from your looks and wearily actions, your infected..." The rattlesnake necklace man spoke.

"May be or I may not..." Her mom retorted, "Either way, keep away from her."

"You can turn at anytime... Shoot her." Suddenly, Elodia stood up and shot at one of the other men, but was too late as her mom turned around to face her and get a bullet right through her head.

"Mom!" Elodia screamed and not even caring to aim, she began to shoot, only hitting another man.

"Grab her..." The rattlesnake necklace spoke.

"Got it Mark..." One of the men spoke and ran right towards Elodia who took off running.

Got to get to the waterfall, but I can't lead them to the twins... Elodia began to weave through the trees, and slide under a fallen tree into some bushes.

"Where did the bitch go!" The man snapped, before going off.

Elodia waited a few seconds until she knew it was safe to go out. As soon as she stepped outside the bush, she heard a scream.

"Brooke! Nicky!" Elodia yelled as she began to run towards the waterfall. She slides to a stop to see Nicky and Brooke on the ground, both with knife wounds in their chest.

Elodia whipped out the knife that she had hidden in her boot and threw it at one of the men, killing him as soon as it hit his neck. The rest took off running.

Elodia ran towards the twins and gently sat them up and layed them against a flat boulder with their feet resting in the water.

"Sissy..." Brooke whimpered.

"I shot one of them...did I do well?" Nicky asked.

Elodia looked over to see another man with a bullet hole in his head.

"Y-Yeah..." Elodia began to take off her jacket,  and tore off the sleeves to put pressure on the wounds.

"Sissy... I'm tired and hungry..." Brooke mumbled.

"Same..." Nicky agreed.

"A-As soon as we get home, we... we are going to make... dads tacos... O... Okay?". Now Elodia had tears in her eyes as she figured that the wound was too deep and the twins have lost too much blood by now.

Shush little birds. From the berry bush up... Fly, Fly away into the unknown... Family and friends will be there waiting. For now your time has come.  As grandfather clock ticks away what little time you have... For..." Elodia's singing trailed off as she watched the life dissapear from both of the twins eyes, "Your time...has come."

Elodia got up and ran off back to the house to collect supplies, memories flying through her mind.

Once she reached the house, she began to pack. She headed towards the door and stopped in the doorway, looking back.


"Sissy!" Brooke called.

"Where are you going?" Nicky asked.

Elodia stopped in the doorway and looked at her mom and smiled then looked back at the twins.

"Heading out to hunt, the town nearby is in chaos right now..."

"Can we go?"

"No, you can't. See ya jumping beans." Elodia laughed as the two pouted at the nickname.

~Flashback end

Elodia turned around facing the walkway and took off.

The End

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