The rest of my weekend passed by in a flash, Brandon didn't remember me almost sinking my teeth into his arm, but he remembered that Ben and Sebastien were here and gave me hell for having boys alone in the house. I shrugged it off, wouldn't be the first time guys have been over when he's not around. School was easy enough to handle through-out the week; as long as no one got a paper cut around me I was fine with blood. It was actually too easy to ignore the fact that I was a vampire, or at least half of one. Melody had gotten over me slapping her, and was now kind of anxious for our "double date" with Sebastien and Ben, though she said she would get me back one day for the slap. Knowing her, she'll probably forget out it by next week. Today, also known as Friday, is the one day I am not looking forward to. Ben and I hadn't said more than two words to each other in Drama class, and he avoided looking towards me at all costs, I can't say that him ignoring me didn't sting a little, but after what happened at my house...I can see why he wouldn't be able to look me straight in the eye anymore. Clara, Ben's younger sister had been hanging around my group of friends a lot now, she seemed to be making really good friends with Cassie, Sam, and Kianna, which is really good considering they are the most normal group in the school, not completely normal but sane enough for someone like her. Sebastien had been talking to Melody constantly since he asked her out, she never stopped smiling, and I couldn't stop sulking and looking at my feet as Ben tagged along beside him.

   After school I went home and collapsed on my bed, hoping for a sudden illness that would keep me from going, even a slight cough I would stay home. Mel's a germ freak; she wouldn't want me around if I was coughing even a little bit. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and started texting Mel.


 I can't go tonight...sick. Sorry. Have fun without me.

 I threw my cell phone on to my pillow and started rummaging through my drawers, knowing already that Mel is going to force me to go. Mel's David Cook ringtone started playing, I flipped my phone open


 That's kind of Ironic that you are sick were fine all day today...and 10 minutes ago when you got off the bus.


 What's happening tonight? and I've been feeling sick all just can't tell...



 Uh, the date..and yea...I can with you...stop trying to bail.


I groaned, she can tell, as weird as it is Melody can always tell when there is something wrong with me. Oh, the joys of having a close best friend.


 Why are you making me go? Ben hasn't talked to me all week, apparently he's not that eager to have me going either...


 Try talking to him....he shouldnt have to talk first....ask him whats up.....PLEASE


 ..says the uber shy girl :P....and fine, I will try talking to him. When are they picking you up?




 K...text Sebastien and tell him I'll just come down to your house.

             I kind of regreted getting ready, but I was kind of excited at the same time. Part of me was worried that Ben wouldn't talk to me the whole night, or that I would make a fool of myself trying to make conversation with him. The other half wanted to go so badly, and look perfect so that maybe he would start talking on his own. As I looked through my closet, and drawers I didn't know which side was right.

    It took me an hour, but I finally was ready, my hair was done in loose curls just in case it started raining and my hair curled, my make-up was done flawlessly giving me the appearance of volumus (probably spelt that wrong) eye lashes. My eyes looked huge and bright with the gold and light blue eye shadow I put on, and luckily there was no trace of dark rings under my eyes. I walked over to Bridget's room to get her approval on my outfit and take a look in her full length mirror for myself. Bridget approved of my outfit completely, she even let me borrow her dark gray ankle boots. I slipped my feet into the high heeled boots and went to stand in front of the mirror again making sure they didn't clash. The blue, silk like shirt I was wearing was all aligned with the top button undone on the scooped neck line, my dark boot cut jeans set off the shoes and the shirt extremely well. Giving Bridget a hug, I thanked her, grabbed my jacket and purse out of my room and started heading down to Melody's.


      Its not far between my house and Mel's, actually its about about a block and a half. i could hear Melody's music going as I crossed her yard. Derek, Melody's brother's Jeep was gone. After a few years of being friends with Melody, I've learned that she never gets the door, because one she is just too lazy to get up and answer it, and two she can't hear the knocks over her music. So I just walked in, and knocked on her bedroom door. The volume of the music dropped signifcantly and the door opened. Melody had make-up on, her hair was done in its usual semi-messy style, with a navy blue long sleeved shirt that had a classy gather on the side, and some really cute looking cargo style jeans.

I nodded in approval, "You look good. Obviously you like Sebastien if you are wearing make-up too."

"Mhm...gee thanks"

"No problem. You ready or still in progress?"

"I'm always ready before you" she said exiting her room, her coat slung over her arm.

I laughed and smiled, "Very true."

The sound of gravel crunching under tires came beside Melody's house. It was either Derek, or the guys, for once I was hoping it would be Derek. A knock came next, damn, Derek wouldn't knock to enter his own house. Melody grinned and went to open the door. I walked slowly behind her, get more nervous by the step, my eyes down to the ground.

"Hey Melody," Sebastien's voice said, "Hi Leyla," he added.

My head shot up forcing a friendly smile on to my face. Only to get trapped staring at both Ben and Sebastien dressed in graphic t-shirts, and jeans. Sebastien's shirt was a pure white looking as if it was brand new, with loose fitting blue jeans and gray skater shoes. Ben had a dark gray graphic t-shirt on that clung to him his defined body enough that the lines of his chest were accentuated nicely, a black jacket, and jeans a little tighter than Sebastien's with faded knees and slightly darker blue.

No guy should be this attractive on a involuntary date!!

"Hi Sebastien, Hi Ben." my eyes stayed on Ben, staring is rude, a lesson I know well. But he was just too..'oh my gawd' to look away from. Surprisingly, Ben was looking at me to, glancing from my feet to my head and back again. Sebastien elbowed Ben,

"Don't you have anything nice to stay to Leyla about the way she looks?"

"You look really good for someone who didn't seem to eager to come." He said trying to smile.

"Thanks," I muttered, finally dragging my eyes from him,"You look good considering..."-L

"And B


"A little too awkward, you both look great, now Ben shut up and lets go."

Mustang GT (white)--Mel shoty's front seat.

The End

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