Behind Closed Doors.Mature


I sat on the couch by myself, trying to make my fangs grow, but they wouldn't budge. Melody had dragged Ben upstairs; don't know why, but at the current moment I don't really care. I'm having way too much fun trying to figure out all this vampire stuff.

"Hey Leyla, how’s it going?" a male voice said, and I looked up to see Brandon throwing his jacket into his room. He turned around and his eye brows almost immediately came together in confusion. "What are you doing?"

My hand dropped from my mouth, remembering I was still holding onto my tooth, trying to get it to grow. "Oh, um, nothing, I thought it was a little loose." wiping the salvia off my hand. "How was work?" I asked him as he sat down on the far side of the couch from me.

He shrugged, examining a large bandage on the back of his right hand. "Usual, just some stupid idiot slammed my hand in the door of one of our trucks."

I slid across to him, and grabbed his hand, "Are you okay?" I took the bandage off carefully.

"Yeah," Brandon hissed through clenched teeth as it peeled away from his skin. A smell so intoxicating and magical hit me with the strength of a bus on a highway. Something felt like it shifted in my mouth, and I could feel two hard, pointed edges sticking into my bottom lip.

Leyla what the hell are you doing?” Brandon exclaimed, clearly frightened. A second later something hit me hard, knocking me away from my brother, there was a lot of screaming, and growling, and then everything blacked.


“How do you feel?” a really husky, deep voice said. I rolled over, trying to pull my hands under my head, but feel that they were restrained.

“How do you think she feels? You knocked her out!” I heard Rebecca's familiar voice chime in annoyed.

“I was a witness to this abuse.” Melody said cheerfully.

My eyes opened, “Which one of you three losers is holding me?” I asked, sensing a person hovering above me.

'Told you I wasn't a loser Ben!” another male voice said happily, Sebastien?

Ben rolled his eyes as I opened mine and looked into the shining black orbs. “I guess so, fine go for it.” Ben smiled at me and winked before helping me sit up.

Sebastien was sitting on my night stand right next to my bed, Ben was on the bed with me, Rebecca and Melody were standing against the wall, and Mel had her hands shoved in her pockets, iPod plugged into her ears.

Got to love the concern I get from my friends...I thought to myself, shaking away the dizziness, Rebecca was clutching a big bag of band-aid's to her chest, getting ready for even the slightest sight of blood.

Sebastien looked at Melody nervously, “I think I'll wait a bit.”

I pushed my back again the wall, ignoring the fact that I was sitting on my pillows, and that I felt really weird...super thirsty.

“Does anyone have any water?” I said my voice cracking a bit, my hand automatically flew to my throat. Ben looked at me, then down at his feet.

"Do you guys’ mind leaving for a few minutes?" Ben asked quietly, when no one responded, Sebastien sighed, got up and ushered Melody and Rebecca out of my room.

"Keep it light." Sebastien said, pointing a pale finger at me.

I looked at Ben, who was looking at me, "What?" I shrugged.

He shook his head, "Nothing. Can you close your eyes for a second?"

I gave him a skeptical look, "Why?"

"Just do it please," Ben said gently. I obeyed, and I heard Ben's lips part from each other and close over something, then I could sense something in front of my own mouth. "Don't worry, it won't kill you." he tried to chuckle, but failed.

I rolled my eyes behind my lids, "That was convincing," I smiled, and then took what he was offering. It wasn’t till my teeth had already sunk in, and I was drinking that I finally realized what Ben had given me. Slightly chilled, rounded, but pouring out glorious crimson gold!--He'd given me his arm, I was going to stop, and ask him why but it was too good! I heard a faint groan from Ben, and then suddenly felt something on my own neck...breathing? Ben's teeth gently bit into my ear lobe, not enough to break skin, but enough to send shivers up my skin as I drank. I could hear Ben muttering to him self, or to me, I wasn't quite sure. It sounded like "I can't, I shouldn't. I want it; oh I want it so badly." At that last little bit I let go of his arm, my teeth still extended, Ben pulled back slightly just as I let go, so that we were only a foot apart, staring at each other. Ben's fangs were also extended, and his eyes had a glowing red-ness to them.

"What are you saying?" I asked him, not bothering to move away. Ben took his left forearm, and stuck it in his own mouth, apparently that is the arm I was drinking from, I thought to myself. He placed it down on his lap, and it was completely healed. "You are so going to have to show me how to do that sometime."

He smiled and nodded, "Of course, and it’s a long story."

"I've got time,” I shrugged smiling at him.

"Its not a story for today I don't think, you still need time to process everything."

I sighed, "Okay," then looked down at my lap, "This may seem weird but, do you need to drink from me at all? I've read books, and most of the times when one vampire drinks the blood of the other, it gets reversed, and I think I took a little too much of yours, you're paler than usual, and you're eyes look glazed over a bit." I was looking at him now, completely aware of the fact that what I was saying was true, Ben looked kind of high, but not at the same time if that makes any sense.

Ben started rubbing his eyes "I guess it wouldn't hurt, I have no more bottles left, and you did get a little too carried away." he smiled at me again, letting me know he wasn't actually upset. I stuck my right arm out to him, Ben shook his head, I gave him a puzzled look, he nodded towards my neck, and I rolled my eyes, and moved my hair off my shoulder. Ben was right beside me, holding my shoulders against the cement wall of my room, he leaned forward so I could feel his warm breath on my neck, and then a quick sharp pain as his teeth entered my neck. I let out a gasp of pain, which was quickly drowned out by a low groan. Flashes of places and people started creeping into my head, but they weren't my own--they were Ben's memories, with a common denominator in all of them, a small blond three year old girl with big blue eyes, a slightly older, light brown haired girl being spun on a merry-go-round a huge smile across her young 7 year old face, a 12 year old girl with long curly medium brown hair sitting on a swing by herself tears falling down her pale face, blue eyes rimmed red. All these memories were of me! I pulled away from Ben, tearing his teeth out as I did, making me nearly scream out in pain again, I stood close to the edge of my bed, holding my neck, and feeling the blood seep into my fingers.

"You weren't supposed to see that." Ben said, wiping smeared blood off his cheek.

I cross my one arm over my chest, "Well I did. Now, why am I part of your memories?"

"It’s hard to explain..." he muttered, keeping eye contact with me still.

I rolled my eyes, "Well try!" I spat out at him.

He sighed, and threw his own legs off the bed, "My family is friends with your birth parents, and as a favor to your mother Anthony agreed to watch out for you, make sure you had a good family. Anthony always took me along with him when he went to check on you."

I gaped at him, "So you've been spying on me my whole life?"

He scowled at me, "Yes, but we never interfered, until the car accident. I had to beg my father to save you, your mother and sister were already far gone."

 I threw my arms up in the arm, not bothering whether I was still bleeding or not. "Well, isn't that just great, I've had vampire stalkers my whole life, and because they were watching me my life was saved while Sienna and my mother died!" I screamed at him, then stormed across the small space to my door and swung it open. Ben sighed again, his footsteps heavy behind me. Melody was in front of me practically as soon as I stepped out of my door, her face super pink, she grabbed my wrist,

"Ben, go away, I need to talk to Leyla." she was obviously anxious, but the good anxious cause she was smiling.

Ben was still grimacing and shrugged away back to the rec room where Sebastien was still sitting there lounging with Rebecca.

"What's up?"  I said as she dragged me down the hall to the laundry room.

"Sebastien just asked me out!!" she nearly exclaimed grinning bigger than I have ever seen her before.

"Awesome, when are you guys going out?"

"Friday," she grinned, "You should and Ben should come...together," Mel looked a little shy, but was still grinning.

I sighed, "I don't think that is such a good idea Mel, we aren't that compatible. It's a long story."

She rolled her eyes, "And why would you say that...It can't be that long of a guys were only in your room for like 5-10 minutes."

I crossed my arms over my chest, "Never mind Mel. Um, so it’s your date, it should just be Sebastien and you."

"But it's me...I need help. I don't talk remember"

I rolled my eyes,” I think Sebastien will be doing most of the talking. You don't seem to be that shy around him."

"Seriously, why don't you want to go?" Melody's grin had dropped now, to a slight smile, you could tell she was confused.

"Turns out Ben has known me far longer than I have known him. I'll tell you after they leave. And I'll go, not for him, for you, so you don't die of super shyness." I shook my head, regretting the words as soon as they left my mouth, yet there was this weird relief feeling that lifted from my shoulders.

"Ok...?" Melody said, one eye brow raised, her mouth a straight line, obviously confused, and not liking it.

I forced a smile across my face, "Be happy that I'm going. Where is he taking you? “I quickly corrected myself. “I mean where are they taking us??"

Melody shrugged, a grin spreading across her face again, "I don't know, I said anywhere but Dairy Queen."

I laughed and started heading back towards the Rec room with her, "Okay, you tell me when you have more details." 

Melody laughed too, still grinning and went to sit down beside Sebastien. Ben sat in a sulking position on the other side of the couch, his hands way down deep in his pocket.


               Ben and Sebastien left an hour or so later, they said that Anthony would want to know about today. Mel and I went into my room, doing what we usually do, just talking, reading Cosmo magazine, and asking random questions. In no time we were laughing hysterically at some of the "Confessions" in the magazine.

"Leyla what the hell is on your neck?" Melody exclaimed suddenly, her eyes huge gaping at my neck.

I gave her a confused look, and put my hand to my neck, feeling the rawness of the skin. I looked down at the ground, feeling myself blush, and moved my hair over my neck, "It's nothing."

She rolled her eyes and gave me her "yeah right" look, "Mhm, I'm sure, what were you guys doing?"

"Nothing!" I exclaimed trying to stop the warmth from crawling in my cheeks.

"Nothing meaning...I don't want to tell you?" Melody said, trying to hold my darting gaze.

I looked at my ceiling, "Meaning it’s none of your business right now...” I didn't mean to have the attitude in my tone, but it kind of slipped out.

Melody looked momentarily appalled, "Are you in a bitchy mood?"

"Nope, I just don't want to talk about it." I shrugged, avoiding looking at her.

"Too damn bad, one hundred percent honest remember?" she exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes and laughed, "Saw that coming." When Melody and I were just becoming really good friends, way back in grade nine, I decided that we should always be 100% honest with each other no matter what, ever since she has been using it against me. "He just kind of bit me, not a big deal, I bit him first, and I got a little carried away, and I saw something I shouldn't have, like that he has actually known me practically my whole life."

The End

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