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In the kitchen I scribbled a note as fast as I could, just trying to get out of house before Brandon actually got home. Ben was just walking around the living room looking at all the pictures on the walls,

"Who is this?" he pointed at a photo in a small black frame on the wall. It was a picture of Brandon, Sienna and I, Brandon was five, Sienna was four and I was three, also I was blond. That is the only picture where I actually look similar to my siblings.

   I walked up beside him to see who he was pointing at, Ben was pointing at Sienna,

 "That is my sister, Sienna."

    Ben looked over at me, "I thought your sister's name was Bridget?"

 I shrugged, "Bridget is my step sister. Sienna is my actual sister. She died when I was twelve, along with my mother in a car accident."

     Ben gave me an apologetic look, "I'm sorry...I wouldn't have said anything if I knew." he said quietly.

 "Its okay, it was a long time ago. Stella and Bridget are great, so it worked out fine." I walked away from Ben, going back to my note to sign my name and the time it was written. When I turned back, Ben was down the hall, on the phone.

   Usually I don't eavesdrop, I find it kind of intrusive, but a few things caught my attention.

 "Are you alright?" his voice was clearing concerned. Ben continued,

 "Clearly she is already getting stronger, and she has already developed a taste for it. I think that she should just be told. Plain and simple get it over with easily. She doesn’t need to be hurt because she doesn’t know."

 There was a long pause.

 "Melody, the sooner she knows the sooner she can try to control it understand." His voice was distressed, also seemed a little upset.

 Another long pause,

 "Alright, I'm taking her through the Switchback, which should take us an hour. Come up to her house after, she might need a friend after." a short pause, "You may not be good at handling difficult, emotional conversations but you're going to have to this time, I'm sure that she won't believe me."

 A brief pause,

 "Fine, one hour, be here, I'll be here too. Bring a few bottles up. Bye."

        The phone closed with a snap, and I ran almost soundlessly back down the hall, and ripped my coat off the back of the dining room chair.

 "Ready to go," I asked smiled at him; hopefully the smile was not tinted with the guilt and worry that I felt.


      Apparently not, because Ben smiled back at me, and bowed gallantly by the stair case, "After you,"

 I forced a laugh and passed him down the stairs.

         Ben walked right beside me down my street; his hands were shoved into the pockets of his dark gray hoodie. He walked at good pace with me, which was unusual for me, since Melody was always usually lagging behind me. When we got to the highway, as soon as it was clear, I ran across, Ben looked at me, and I smiled.

 "Are you coming or not?" I crossed my arms over my chest and tried to look impatient, though the smile was still on my face.

   Ben smiled and jogged easily back over to my side, but he didn't stop he past me and ran to the opening of the Switchback Trail. For people not from Powell River the Switchback is a winding hill. Since Wildwood is right next to Highway 101, there are a lot of huge trucks coming and going. The Switchback curves a few times down the hill to stop the trucks from sliding down. There is a trail that does the same thing down the hill, which was where Ben stood, right beside a big boulder waiting for me, a smirk on his face.

          I walked past him a few steps, and he caught up quickly.

 "So, why did you want me to come for a walk with you exactly?"

 Ben’s shoulders squared, and his jaw noticeably tightened, “Because I think there are some things that you need to know.” his voice was seriously.

   My arms instantly wrapped around myself, closing to whatever was making him so seriously.

 "And what are these things about?"

 "Things about your past, about your family, and about me," Ben gave me a remorseful look. 

      I took a deep breath, “Okay start where ever you want I guess.” I shrugged then threw my arms out in front of me. It was random, but it was something I learned in Drama class its used to open yourself up to things.

 “First, I want you to know that I know about Anthony,” Ben sighed, his head towards the ground. Just that simple statement seemed to take a huge weight off his shoulders. My heart started beating faster,

 Anthony, how could Ben know about him?

 “I know what he did to you after your mother died, so yes those are bite marks on your left wrist.” He nodded absently to my hand.

      My right hand automatically clamped over my wrist, covering the tiny scars. I blushed, but my teeth were grounding together in frustration.

 “How do you know that?” I choked out, my legs felt a little tipsy.

 “He is my father.” Ben’s jaw tightened, “Which brings me to your family,” he looked over at me, concern in his eyes

     Stubbornly, I straightened my stance and nodded, “Yeah, fine, go on.”

 “You were adopted Leyla.” Ben’s eyes shut tight, and then opened slowly. “Your birth parents’ names are Lucius and Saibra, they live in Europe, and they are vampires.”

           My head stopped spinning, and I look up at Ben, “Vampires? You’ve got to be kidding me!” I scoffed, bursting out into hysterical laughter. “Vampires are myths, fairy tales made to entertain and scare little kids. They aren’t real.”

            Ben spun around in a quick flash, then he has my arms clutched in his fists, there was a low rumble coming from his chest. Ben’s eyes were black again, but this time pulsing red in random places.

 “Would I make this up?” he growled, “How can I fake these?” Ben’s mouth opened, and his eye teeth extended at lets three centimeters into small canines. Ben snapped his jaw close, his teeth poking out of his top lip. “You are one too.” He said between shallow pants.


            My legs collapsed under me, black briefly dancing in my vision. When the spots were gone there was Ben, over me, his teeth normal size again.

 “A little too much to take in?” he smiled apologetically.

       I adjusted myself so I could sit up; Ben removed his arms from around me, and rocked back on his heels into a crouch position in front of me.


 “Just a little,” I grumbled under my breath, “Now tell how I am a vampire, I don’t drink blood. Isn’t that kind of a main component?”


 Ben looked away into the forest, “It is, and yes you have. My water bottle doesn’t have water in it.”


 I rolled my eyes, “That could be why it tasted funny.” I laughed a bit.


 “And as for how you are a vampire, your mother conceived you while she was human and your father is a vampire, so you are only a half breed.” He shrugged.


I rolled my eyes again, “Wonderful. Anything else I need to know?”


  Ben stood up from his crouched position and held a hand out for me. “Only one,”


He said as he pulled me to my feet. “You’re not the only vampire in your group of friends.”


 “What like who?” I asked wide-eyed.


 Ben laughed, “Cassie, Melody...those are the two that immediately come to mind.”


 My jaw dropped, “Melody Pierce?” the thought of quiet little Melody drinking blood, or killing someone seemed to incomprehensible.


 Ben laughed again when he looked at my face, “Yes actually she is one of the last living descendants of a royal family. So, she is a royal vampire.” Ben shrugged, smiling at me still.


 “Wow, cool. Did she know about me?”


 He sighed, his mood instantly changing, “Yes, that is hwy I’ve become such good friends with her lately, I was finding out whether she knew, or had already told you.”


 I bit my lip, “So you don’t like her?”


 Ben laughed really loudly, “No, not like that. Melody is nice and all but I think she has someone else in mind.”


 I grinned, “Sebastien!”


 Ben nodded and walked across the highway with me trailing beside. I was still smiling as we walked back down my street. I caught Ben looking at me a confused grimace on his face.


I giggled, "What?"


He shook his head and smiled. "I'm pleasantly surprised is all; you are taking this all very well."


I grinned and shrugged, "I guess it all makes sense now to me. Why I look nothing like any of my family, why Melody is always drinking out of that titanium bottle, why she is unnaturally pale, and why I love the smell of blood."


Ben looked at me, now astonished, "You've like the scent of blood?"


I nodded, "Yep, ever since I can remember, and I never had any idea why."

   We were at my house now; there was a familiar Jeep in the drive way, and the other familiar female brunette standing on the front porch, sipping from a Starbucks cup.


"Can you try not to slap me please." she exclaimed from the deck. I ran to the deck, up the stairs and threw my arms around her.

 "I am so, so sorry Mel!"

 "You know I hate hugs!" she complained, her coffee stretched far away.

 "Too bad, because I feel really bad." I said, letting her go.

 "Good, you should feel bad." she smirked taking another sip of her coffee

 "What is that mocha with a shot of AB Negative?" I laughed.

 Melody turned around angrily. "You asshole, you did tell her."

 Ben laughed, "Sorry, how can you lie to that face?" he was gesturing towards me. I  had to bit my lip hard to make sure I didn't grin uncontrollably like I wanted to.

Melody scoffed, "Whatever you whimp just go downstairs."

"Fine," Ben smiled. I followed Melody inside, she stopped in the middle of the kitchen and turned around to face me, I nearly ran straight into her.

"You happy now?"

I crossed my harms in front of me, my hands clamped together. "Extremely." I grinned

"And you know that I don't like Ben in that way?"

I nodded, "Yep, you like Sebastien, the blonde one."

Melody shook her head, "I don't know why you dislike blonde guys so much your whole family is blonde."

My arms went up to my chest and crossed over tightly. "They aren't my family. But before you give me the whole speech I think I am going to get, they may not be my real family but they have raised me as there own, and all the logical blah blah blah over that."

Melody grinned and headed for the stairs. "You know me all too well."

"Pretty unfortunate eh?" I laughed as we descended the turning stairs through the entry way and down to the basement.


  Melody and Ben were kind of giving me a quick glance over about what vampires can do, and the things I can't do being only half vampire. So far, I know that I can run super fast, I do need to drink some blood, I do have fangs, and my senses are going to be increasing quite a bit in the next little while. Oh, and that I can go in the sunlight without having to wear something that has a flower called amaranth in it. Melody showed me a ring that I have always seen her wear, and where the amaranth was hidden under the skull engraving on it. Ben told me that some vampires also inject it into their veins so that humans can't steal their protective possesion. Amazingly I am really excited! To be able to see better in the dark, be able to just go and run whenever I need to, and not have to worry about waking up my parents while trying to sneak to car out of the drive-way.

      Its was when they started talking about how to get blood that I begain to panick.

"I don't have to kill anybody do I?" I said sheepishly.

Ben's jaw dropped, then he burst out laughing, "No, not at all. Vampires used to have to kill for blood, but now we have something called blood banks, its similar to your human blood bank except that the blood that is collected gets distributed around between everyone and is not used for medical purposes." he smiled at me reassuringly.

The End

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